Sunday, September 30, 2007

grey's anatomy--a deer? are you kidding me?

I was feeling a little guilty about buying some new clothes this weekend, but then I realized that I have 2 pairs of jeans and 2 pairs of slacks that fit me. That's it. There are two more pairs of pants hanging in the closet that are on the "I don't like them very much, but if they fit I guess I will wear them" list. (I think they are too short.) So I got two more pairs of pants, a new black skirt, and four new shirts. The shirts are cool cause they are blouses with high buttons and no collar. I'd take a picture, but the shirts are in the bedroom and punkin is not asleep yet. One of the pairs of pants is from New York and Company. They are fabulous--knit and extra long. Basically feels like I'm wearing pajamas, but it doesn't look sloppy. Only $24. The other stuff was from good old JCP--only $60. The name of the day was bargain. I think one of the shirts is going back, though, because it is empire waist and very long. So it doesn't really go with any of my dress pants. I think it's just too long. Accentuates my rear a little too much. I dunno. I know you care about this SO MUCH.

Some frienders came over for dinner, and I made BBQ Chicken Pizza. MMM. Just put some Cookies BBQ Sauce on a refrigerated pizza crust and top it with chicken, colby-jack shredded cheese, and bacon. And green onions if you're into that. Just a tip: don't worry about making the pizza dough into a circle. Just make a rectangle pizza. That pizza dough is super hard to work with.

WHEN? When is a new episode of The Girls Next Door going to be on? AND, I have to wait another month and a half for Project Runway! Maybe what I really need is one more day of weekend.

Punkin was amazing when we went shopping. HE TOOK A NAP IN HIS STROLLER. AT THE MALL!!! And then he told me he had to go poop--and he did it! And this morning he told me he had to go pee--and he did! What a brilliant boy. On Friday his teacher was really excited because he sorted object magnets. There were blue stars, white rabbits, and red apples. His attention is getting worse and worse, but he shows a clear interest in sorting, in colors and shapes, and in books. He likes puzzles, too, but gets frustrated easily because he can't manipulate the pieces into their appropriate space even when he knows where they are supposed to go. I feel so bad when that kind of work is so hard for him. I don't know how to make it easier. And he is so independent. He doesn't want any help. I'm glad he wants independence, though. I'd rather he do that then insist I do everything for him. (Which is SO easy to do because it is faster and easier.) Now if I could get him to master a shape sorter......

Church has been wonderful these past few weeks. Punkin has been falling asleep right before the sermon and staying asleep until the service is over. So he sleeps through the two most difficult parts for him--the sermon and the prayer of the church. And if there's communion, he sleeps through that, too! So nice. I don't know if it's just a phase or if it's because we have been having somebody new sit with us and he is a good luck charm. Either way, I'll take it as long as I can get it! =)

This Friday I get to play sand volleyball again. Be prepared for pictures of my bruised and beaten arms and lots of stories about how I ate sand! New pictures of The Punkin tomorrow. I haven't posted any in a long time, and I feel like he's grown three inches!


Kristiem10 said...

Awesome! New clothes are so fun. I love NY&Co. And you can't go wrong with JCP.

BBQ chicken pizza sounds yum. I think I may have my dinner planned. Thanks!

I can't believe how well Punkin is doing on the potty. I am extremely jealous. I am about to send Blake to you for a visit. Maybe Punkin can show him how it's done.

Love ya!

Jennie said...

Maybe you can make the hand signal for "Twist it this way" to help him when he clearly knows where it goes? That way you're not doing it for him, but it might help his frustration level. LOVE YOU!

Sarah said...

i just watched that grey's cause i had to tape it (why is it on at the same time as csi?!) and i thought the same thing.