Saturday, September 22, 2007

this is so going in my blog

In traditional Friday style, Oma and our peeps went out to dinner last night. Then I followed the peeps to watch them play volleyball. Afterwards we hit up A&W/Long John Silvers, where a brief but somewhat controversial debate over chicken and hot dogs took place. A girl has to admit when she is wrong, even if she's not sure the person it pertains to reads her blog. But anyway, one Long John Silver's Chicken Plank has 9 fewer grams of fat than a regular Oscar Meyer hot dog, but just as many calories and grams of salt. In short, I concede. I even looked up an A&W plain hot dog on their website. Remind me not to ever eat a hot dog again.

I can't remember any of the funny things people said last night at dinner. We went to Carlos O' Kelly's (sorry, Alice, but what's with the name?). One of the real high points -- aside from the chicken, cheese, tortillas, and rice -- was when we were sitting in the foyer waiting for our table and my friend A goes, "Is this a Mexican restaurant?" Later I got shushed by Oma for apparently talking too loudly about the fish balls (see previous post). She said it first!

But throughout dinner and the rest of the night, I kept saying, "That's so the title of my post!" So when I finally settled in to watch the first episode of How I Met Your Mother (which my frienders are obsessed with), I was tickled when one of the characters (sorry, guys, I am bad with the names of real people, much less t.v. characters) says, "This is so going in my blog!" I do like the show. Pretty clever dialogue. Only a smidge predictable. But I have a hard time with sitcoms now. I took a course in college called Women in Television and we had to disect scripts and sitcoms to death. (Set-up, set-up, punch. Double punch. Oh, cold open. Surefire scheme.) I gotta say, though, that going to class to watch Designing Women is not a bad way to spend a day.

Punkin's respite worker is an angel. She came early, and I gave her some money to take him out for a burger (or three). When I called later to check in, they were at Chuckee Cheese. He was having a blast! She even got him tokens so he could play games and sit on the little train. Then she brought him home and gave him a bath! AND AND she said I could stay out later than planned if I wanted. If they take her away from me, I may cry.

Why did the elephant cross the road?
He was stapled to the chicken!


Kristiem10 said...

HOW do you get a respite care worker? I need one. Bad. Really really bad. I want one. a lot.

Sarah said...

i forgot all of the elephant jokes, and i can't find the book anymore.

miss you!

Alice said...

The name Carlos O'Kellys has two origins- The main reason is to make people do a double take thus perking their interest. The second, is our owners are history buffs and gave a nod to the western expansion that resulted in mixed marriages. It was normal to get Jose O'Mallys and Megan Lopez, etc. :)

Anonymous said...

what the heck are your peeps???

the other lion said...

My peeps are my people, my friends. Who are you?

Jennie said...

I will cry if they take away your wonderful respite worker!