Sunday, September 2, 2007

tigger goes for the jagular

No kidding, that was the title of "My Friends Tigger and Pooh" this morning. A jagular, to me, looked like a jaguar. And Tigger was convinced for a while that he was one. Anyway, couldn't help but snicker at the title. I mean really. Who let this get by their desk?

Now.....are you ready for the greatest miracle in modern technology since the mousepad/notepad combination???? Here it is ...........

The Tapeler.

My mom said they got a whole case of 'em at her school, so I snagged one. Wanna know what's really funny? The drug is for ADHD. HA!

Sunday School starts next week! Who's excited about dropping off their little ball of energy and attitude with a bunch of other little balls of energy and attitude and one poor, blindly optimistic teacher before skipping off to church ALONE (or with other grown-ups)????

My mommy gave me a really pretty necklace for my birthday, which I wanted to show you, but I just couldn't get a good picture. It's a rectangular slide. Mother of pearl set in silver. And it's reversible. The other side has metal work overlaying the stone. I know, the tapeler got mentioned before the necklace..... But it's like those really fat pens that have like 10 colors in them so you only have to carry one thing, but it has multiple applications. I love me some pens. Anyone up for Office Max? The best place is the student store in Iowa City. They have an entire isle of individual pens for sale, organized by color and thickness of point in little clear bins. It's breathtaking, really.

I'm gonna order me some Pampered Chef business cards so I can look official.

I think that's all I have today. I'll try to put up some Punkin pictures again soon. Nothing that astounding has happened. OOOO--but yesterday I did LOVE the new portable DVD player. Punkin sat and watched it while I helped my mom in the library (cause I'm the good daughter). It saved the day, Aunt Kim!!


Kristiem10 said...

The tapeler! Ah ha ha. That is so funny to me. I'd totally use it, though.

FXSmom said...

The greatest thing would be giving the tapeler to an ADHD kid. Folks would be flocking to get their hands on the drug

w-huff said...

You are so right about the IC bookstore. While still at Cornell I considered that place my favorite day trip next to the Green Room for Monday night amateur jam sessions.

Anonymous said...

Again, the Good Daughter debate. Who spent hours and hours of their formative years creating bulletin boards in said parents' rooms while the other child pretended to talk to invisible people and dance on the desks?

Andrea said...

I LOVE pens, pencils, and all other writing utensils. In addition I love all things stickers. I was to the Hobby Lobby this past weekend. Purchase art pens of all different colors with two ends (one thick and one fine) for my scrapbooking projects. 36 pens total in a nifty carrying case (got a good discount) and they were a pre-made set. 36 two sided pens= 72 pens. I just sat and looked at them all excited to use them. Then I went and looked at all of the other pens I already had and realized that it was a bit overkill, but oh well. :)