Wednesday, October 31, 2007


As I tried to put the costume on: No. No. No. After I got the costume on: All done. Ehhhh!
Once he realized he was getting candy, he was much more agreeable. He even said, "Thanks. Bye-bye."
Once we got back to Oma's, he decided to raid her stash.
Happy Halloween!

getting back to normal

The Plague struck our apartment. Punkin was not ready to go back to school until today. His illness struck Thursday night. I tried to send him Monday, but they called me to come get him. I was kinda glad, because by the time we got home, I wasn't feeling so hot myself. By Monday night I was curled up in the fetal position watching Punkin make a huge mess all over the living room while we enjoyed (or he enjoyed) Mickey Mouse's Once Upon a Christmas for the 37th time. Tuesday morning a little before 5am, I think, I got up and went potty. Then I grabbed some ibuprofen out of the medicine cabinet. And then I woke up on the floor, in the dark, with a really bad headache. Apparently I fainted and bonked my head on either the floor or the edge of the bathtub. I called my parents, hysterical, and then quickly realized that I did not need them to come over after all, I just needed to go back to sleep. But since Punkin had overtaken my bed by that point, I grabbed some blankets and slept on the floor. I was not about to move him. My body was aching from being sick as well as from lifting and "bouncing" him for the previous 4 days.

That's his new fix. He does the sign for sit and says what sounds like dance, but what he means is bounce. He lays on my lap with his head hanging upside down by my knees while I bounce my legs. Before we only did it at church or when he got really upset because he couldn't run around somewhere. Now we have to do it 24/7 at home. While we watch "Mi-Mouse" over and over and over and over and over again. So yesterday was rough. Punkin was starting to feel better. I was still feeling immobilized from my fever. I kept asking, "How about Nemo?"
"NO! Mi-Mouse!"
"Or Woody. We could watch Woody?"
"No. No. No. Mi-Mouse!"
He did choose The Incredibles a couple times, but for the most part we've just been wearing holes in the Mickey dvd.

I got a burst of energy right before trick or treating and decided I was not about to waste the $16.92 I had spent on an Elmo costume. Someone was going to see it and give my child candy as a reward for putting up with his mother's ridiculous and irrational wardrobe demands. (Pictures to come later--they are on Oma's camera.) So we went out to about 3 houses in Oma's neighborhood and then I decided I was going to die. (Oma is still rolling her eyes at my dramatic response to being sick.) Thank goodness I had respite from 6:30 to 8:30pm so someone else could put him to bed! Now Punkin is at school, and I am home resting. I think I will go take the longest shower ever now.

Oh--And I did go to the doctor. I just fainted because I too have a sinus infection. Punkin and I are so alike! Isn't that sweet? We're both taking yucky Augmentin, too. Blech.

I seriously can't wait to show you the Elmo pictures. Good stuff.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

punkin was at oma's and i can prove it (Oma speaks again)

I don't know how he got the box of "O's" off the counter, but as you can see, he thoroughly enjoyed them.
He enjoyed some on the couch....
and on the stairs....
and on the couch again.
And then the top of the coffee table had to be completely empty. And he had to look at every DVD in the stand, tossing each one on the floor until he chose the one he wanted to watch.
Need I say more?

Saturday, October 27, 2007

just a little sunday giggle

Poor Punkin is sick with a nasty sinus infection. They gave him Augmentin, which always does a number on my tummy, so I imagine it isn't being nice to his, either. Once he fell asleep, I found this on a popular radio station's website:

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the box

Punkin: Box. Box. Box. Box. Box. Box. Box. Box.
Me: Can I help you?
Punkin: No, mine! Box. Box. Box. Hi! Box. Box. Box.
Maintence guy: Hi. He sure is getting big.
Punkin: Box. Box. Box. Box. Bye! Box. Box.
Me: It's a present. For Punkin.
Punkin: Pesent. Box. Dis is. Ya. Box. Box. Box. Box. Box. Box. Box. Box. Box. Box. Box. Box.
Me:Let's go in.
Punkin: Ya. Middy Mouse!
Me: What's in the box? Let's see.
Punkin: Mouse! NO! (slaps himself in the face repeatedly)
Me: Heavens. Oi.

There was a UPS sticker on the door, and I wasn't expecting anything. Turns out it was for Punkin! We walked to the office to pick it up, and he somehow knew it was for him. He grabbed it from the lady right away and carried it the entire way back to the apartment. As soon as we reached the apartment, however, he lost most of his interest in the beloved box and glued his eyes --yet again-- to Mickey Mouse's Once Upon a Christmas. So I opened it and gushed over the adorable Carhart hoodie all by myself. So cute! Good job Godparents!

Had picture day today. I guess he cried up until it was his turn, at which point he waltzed to his place, turned up the cheese volume, and refused to make eye contact with the camera.

Nothing else noteworthy happened today, unless you count not having respite again. Guess I will have to truck Little Man with me to the laundromat. Who knows when, though. Tomorrow afternoon I am meeting with my bosses and his teacher to talk about transitioning him to his new room. Thursday the early childhood intervention teacher and speech pathologist are coming. And Friday is Friday. Friday is not, under any circumstance, laundry day.

Monday, October 22, 2007

fun in the sun

Weeeeeeeeeeeeee. Lion's boyfriend was pushing him. He and Punkin totally hit it off.
Punkin always breaks sticks and then tries to put them back together. It cracks me up every time.
No idea what this is about. Like how well I comb his hair?
Nope, not posing for a cute picture. He's pooping.
The "I Just Pooped" face. Then he shudders head to toe.

Speaking of pooping, which I NEVER do on this blog..... Not only did he poop in the potty today, he went pee in a PUBLIC TOILET! So brilliant.

Got my new glasses today. I will post a picture on a day when I have my hair and makeup done!

Went to the ENT and the AEA for a hearing test. Ears are great, much to my surprise (and glee).

Sunday, October 21, 2007

bordering on too much fun

Pretty bridesmaids. They were my roomies in college. Best roomies EVER. Lion. So mod 70's.
Boo. So mod 50's.
The Other Lion and Lion. Or Lion and The Other Lion. So mod blurry.

The wedding was gorgeous. Everything went so smoothly. The reception was a blast. I feel like too many emotions are running through my mind and too many things are waiting to be said for me to possibly be able to communicate all of the wonderful memories. THANK YOU OMA!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Oma Speaking

Erika is at her friend's wedding, so I thought I would fill you in on the little man's adventures. The first night I was awakened to screams (his nuk and ducky were lost) at 3:4 5 . But after 1/2 hour of cuddling and rocking, he went back to sleep. I took awhile to reach that state because Opa was snoring. The cuddling made up for the rude awakening, since he never cuddles with me.

He didn't like my supper, but Opa saved the day by making a hot dog for him. He went to bed on his own (yeah!) but woke at 12:20 saying "Up?" Again more cuddling (yeah!) and nothing until 6:30 this morning.

I don't know what today has in store for us, maybe a visit to the park. Have a great Saturday.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007


You sneaky little over-achievers. (I am going to see a bunch of college friends tomorrow. TOMORROW! As in after I wake up in the morning!) Anyway, they are sneaky because they're profiled on Cornell's website looking all cute and sounding all smart and successful. Never even mentioned it. =)

I gotta go. Need to switch the laundry, get the oil changed, eat dinner with Oma and Opa, pick up the laundry, pack for Punkin (staying with Oma & Opa God bless their hearts), and pack for me. Then tomorrow............oi!

Friday, October 12, 2007

rather be playing sand volleyball

"We're outnumbered by more than 10 to 1!" I think of this line from a Veggie Tales movie every time he dumps the entire bucket of toys into the bathtub. Those toys are so fun, though. They're foam, so they stick to the side of the tub. And naked babies. =)
Way cute new PJs from Oma. He was crying because he wanted a Cars jacket, which Oma also bought. =) Not spoiled.
So after the bath and the new jammies he decides, "Ya. I'll take dinner now." ARGH!

But that was a few nights ago. Tonight he is in his room knocking on the door and talking to himself. We stayed home sick today with the plague. It kinda feels like I smoked an entire carton of cigarettes. So I figured Punkin was feeling yucky, too, and gave him some "medsin" to help him take a nap. WRONG. He obviously had an adverse reaction and was up, running back and forth from the bedroom to the living room and jabbering a million miles a minute, until I finally held him really tightly and rocked him to sleep. And in case you were wondering, yes--napping with your kiddo in the recliner TOTALLY makes up for how CRAZY he made you earlier in the day.

The shoes I ordered did not fit. Couldn't even get them on my feet! I think since the wedding I need them for is so close, I will just buy some cheap ones for now and spend more money on quality shoes when I'm not in a rush. I considered posting a picture of my feet, but they're not very pretty. I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

Punkin is in big trouble. He is obsessed with strings and cords. And he yanked the internet cord out of my laptop today. And now it won't click into the port. Big trouble.

My friend had something on his blog about the dioxins in certain plastics being harmful ... oh here's the link. Anyway, it got me thinking about how I want to order a new Keeper. Used to have one in college. Loved it. It's a girly thing, so I suggest that you click with caution.

OOOOOOOOOOOO. Monk is on. Love that show. Does anyone know what happened to The Girls? And Project Runway should be starting soon! Makes that enormous cable bill a little more tolerable.

Now for the venting portion of the post. I HAVE NO RESPITE!!! The wonderful girl. The Chuckee Cheese Girl. Yah. SHE'S GONE. She decided that passing her boards to be a registered nurse was more important than ............ uh Snoop Dog is on Monk ...... taking my guy out for burgers so I could go to volleyball. And they just let her dump her shifts without anyone to cover them! So no respite Tuesday during my eye doctor appointment. No respite tonight, which is okay because of the whole plague thing. But still.......It's Snoop. SNOOP Doggy DOOOOOG. Okay now I am too distracted. How did I forget to buy ice cream at the store today? I get to see all my BFFs on Thursday! Eeek.

Monday, October 8, 2007

drying costs went up a quarter, now i never know how much money i need for laundry

Went shoe shopping online. Ordered two pairs. I think. Now I will see if any of them fit! One pair is a pretty typical black pump but it has a skinny heel and a little wrap detail on the toe. The other is a heeled mary jane style. That's more of what I was originally thinking, but they cost two times as much. I think I'll just go with whatever fits. My feet are shaped like boxes. They are beyond wide. Seriously. So I won't be surprised if I'm sending them both back in a few days. I HATE shoe shopping. Love shoes. Know what I want. Can't find it for my boxy feet. Large boxy feet. But the nice thing about the websites is that I can sort before I search. And no obnoxious salespeople bringing me things that WON'T WORK I TOLD YOU WIDE WIDTH "just in case" because "this brand runs big." Whateva.

Did you see how adorable my Punkin is???? Can you STAND it? He was playign peek-a-boo. Or pee-boo. Instead of using his spoon to eat his rice today, he was using his cup to scoop it up and "drink" it. I was so excited that he was eating the rice, I didn't even say anything. I did snap some photos, of course, but none of them were really good enough to share.

Didn't win at Bunko, but I did drink some yummy punch. MMMM. Punch. Punkin's respite worker said she's never seen a little kid so good about cleaning up his toys. What a good boy!

Tomorrow is eye appointement day!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

i do not feel like using capitalization tonight. you're gonna have to deal.

punkin is a genius! check out the sorting skills!

this is the sleeve of the new sweater i bought. i am nervous because of the roushing. i have no idea how to spell that. anyway, i am afraid it looks too 80's. i am pairing it with my new black skirt. hangs below the knee. slight trumpet flair without making me look like a mermaid. now i need to do some online window shopping for shoes. i'm thinking close toe heels. i can imagine them in my head, but i have no words with which to describe them. rounded toe? lion? jennie?
do you see how relaxed he was? we had to catch it on film! he's watching cars.
BORING. that is the theme this weekend. nothing exciting happened at all. unless you count the time i fell on my butt playing sand volleyball. although i'd file that under "funny," "embarassing," or "how i bruised my left butt cheek" rather than under "excitement."
i'm going to get an eye exam and hopefully some new glasses on tuesday! hooray! now maybe i will be able to read the signs when i'm driving. =) makes you wanna go on a trip with me, huh? i have one eye that's near-sighted and one that's far-sighted, so it balances itself out to a point. but after a while it just gives me a headache. and i have to hold papers really close to my face in order to not strain to read them. i wish i could bring all of you with me to pick out the frames. i also wish i could ask you in the morning whether or not it is okay to leave the house in the outfit i have picked out. that's one bad thing about living with a toddler. he doesn't have any fashion sense.
this is getting tedious now. tomorrow is bunko night!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

it was a good day; nobody pooped their pants.

Every time I look over my last post I giggle. See, with my friends here, scrapbooking is code for making out. So, when my friend originally told me, "I'm going to have the girls over for a scrapbooking party," I said, "You scrapbook with girls?" And when I saw a scrapbooking magazine at the store that read, "Scrapbooking for Beginners. Let's Get Started," I thought it would be a really funny thing to give to a crush. So now everyone is in on the secret. And how did this code word come to be? Let's just say some people I know (for real, it was not me) were, uhh, scrapbooking in a room with the television on. The television happened to be playing a scrapbooking (not code for kissing this time) infomercial. Hehehe. (So, Lion and Boo, the Alpacas were scrapbooking so much that they needed some chapstick!)

Now on to more civilized matters. Wasting time. I have discovered my favorite shows online. It's a whole new world I never knew about. I can watch yesterday's House or last week's Greys anytime I want. How long has this been going on? Not that my old computer would have supported it, but still. I thought I was out of luck when my VCR broke. I refuse to buy a new one, by the way. But this is amazing!

So Punkin gets a sticker every time he goes potty. They are really generic stickers with words like great, wow, and bravo on them. The words are kinda multi-colored, but the background definitely has one dominant color. He puts the stickers on a piece of construction paper that we keep next to the potty. I noticed today that he seemed very deliberate in his placement of the sticker (which is difficult for him because of the fine motor skills it requires). Lo and behold, all of the blue ones were together, all of the pinks were together, and so were the oranges. So I tested him. We sat down with the stickers and a piece of paper, and sure enough he started sorting them as I gave them to him. I didn't even have to start the piles as a model. Pink, blue, purple, and orange. There was one pink out of place. So brilliant! I of course took pictures, but the batteries in my camera died, so no luck sharing them. I mean, his teacher told me he could do it, but some things you need to see for yourself. And these stickers are kinda busy. I guess I am just excited that he is paying attention because so often it seems like he's not! Not paying attention to "academics" anyway. Can a two year old have academics? I mean, he pays attention to his environment so closely that you would think he's missing out on the meat and potatoes of it all. But he is listening. His teacher said he is starting to learn the days of the week and give appropriate, even if wrong, answers during carpet time when she calls on him. I'm so proud of my Little Guy.

I am also proud of the fact that I cooked tonight! A real meal that didn't come out of a box. But I didn't get to eat it! I started too late and Punkin got too hungry to wait any longer, so we ate leftovers. But I have dinner for tomorrow! I just laid 4 small tortillas in a round baker, put taco meat, salsa and cheese on top, covered it with 4 more shells, and put more salsa and cheese on top. I think next time I'll try making it with chicken. I'll let you know if it tasted good at all. I didn't have any taco seasoning, so I just used a bunch of Southwestern Seasoning. Not sure if it will taste the same.

And now it is time to watch tv, on the tv. But if Punkin wakes up it's no stress to me! I'll just watch it tomorrow. Cause I'm so cool like that.

Monday, October 1, 2007

i feel so socially inept today

I feel stupid today. I mean, these past few weeks have been torturous. I've forgotten how to spell, for one. There was the whole garbage in the car incident, the ketchup and peanut butter thing, the usual forgetfulness. And then on Friday I left Punkin's backpack on the trunk of my car and drove off! I found the backpack later, hanging on a fence where some kind soul had placed it for me. For the record, I know that I am not stupid. Kind of like you know you're not a stuffed turkey, but you feel like one. Can't help the way you feel, only what you do with it. So I'm writing it out. I know Oma is right--it's just because I'm thinking about 12 different things.

GOD IS SO GOOD I DON'T KNOW HOW TO MAKE YOU UNDERSTAND!!!! You see, I have this little problem called Attention Deficit Disorder. Ever heard of it? I've diagnosed myself, so really it could be just too much caffeine. ANYWAY, I am constantly checking other sites in between sentences. Which sort of accentuates the whole tangential speech problem, I guess. So I decide to check the DHS site to see if we got any child support. Wasn't feeling too optimistic, as always, especially seeing as how I have already checked it 5 times today (usually we get child support on the 31st or the 1st). But, there it was! Just lifts the burden. Now there are only 11 things to think about. =) HOORAY!

I went to a scrapbooking party. SO fun. I'm having one in a few weeks now. I think I'll ever so cleverly serve all of my snackies on PC stuff. Then people will ask, "Where did you ever get this beautiful white bowl with muti-colored dots??" "Oh,' I'll say, "The hand-painted one that's also chip-resistent and on sale next month if you book a show......." I know, I know, so crafty. But seriously, these scrapbooking materials look amazing. AND THEY HAVE PENS. And stickers. And pretty paper. And And And special thingies to cut with and make shapes with and......

Love the .............. today.

I promised pictures. I have none. But a lot of it is because he insists on being naked all the time. The poor thing asked to go potty when we were visiting Oma at her school this afternoon. So I take him into the bathroom but he won't go cause it's weird in there and I have to hold him so he won't fall in. And then as soon as I put his diaper on, honest to goodness WRESTLE him to get his clothes on (I was sweating), and go back to Oma--he poops. Then--and this of course is funny to me because it happened while Oma was babysitting--he comes out from his bedroom with his diaper off saying, "pooped" and proceeds to pee all over the kitchen floor. Now, this is only funny tonight. Tomorrow when I can't get him to keep his diaper on, it will no longer be funny and cute. It will be the death of me.

Oh, and I've made up my mind that I want him in the self-contained room with intergrated time every day until he is ready to be in the integrated room full time. This is mostly because of his sensory needs. Still a long way to go with this, including a possible evaluation (IQ testing) and writing his first IEP. He's had an IFSP, but this will be much more involved. It does get easier, right?? No??? EEk.