Sunday, October 7, 2007

i do not feel like using capitalization tonight. you're gonna have to deal.

punkin is a genius! check out the sorting skills!

this is the sleeve of the new sweater i bought. i am nervous because of the roushing. i have no idea how to spell that. anyway, i am afraid it looks too 80's. i am pairing it with my new black skirt. hangs below the knee. slight trumpet flair without making me look like a mermaid. now i need to do some online window shopping for shoes. i'm thinking close toe heels. i can imagine them in my head, but i have no words with which to describe them. rounded toe? lion? jennie?
do you see how relaxed he was? we had to catch it on film! he's watching cars.
BORING. that is the theme this weekend. nothing exciting happened at all. unless you count the time i fell on my butt playing sand volleyball. although i'd file that under "funny," "embarassing," or "how i bruised my left butt cheek" rather than under "excitement."
i'm going to get an eye exam and hopefully some new glasses on tuesday! hooray! now maybe i will be able to read the signs when i'm driving. =) makes you wanna go on a trip with me, huh? i have one eye that's near-sighted and one that's far-sighted, so it balances itself out to a point. but after a while it just gives me a headache. and i have to hold papers really close to my face in order to not strain to read them. i wish i could bring all of you with me to pick out the frames. i also wish i could ask you in the morning whether or not it is okay to leave the house in the outfit i have picked out. that's one bad thing about living with a toddler. he doesn't have any fashion sense.
this is getting tedious now. tomorrow is bunko night!


Anonymous said...

check out for shoes. it's a great website. free overnight shipping and free returns.
yes, david is brillant!
love you , aunt kim
ps. i didn't feel like capitalizing either.

Kristiem10 said...

I love the relaxed Cars pic. And how Punkin sorted his stickers by color. What a smartie. :) I second the Zappos suggestion.

Laura said...

I love that shirt! Not too '80s at all. CUTE!!

Check out zappos or have negative $5 overnight shipping, and free returns. You can sort by color, size, style, and price, too. And all at once!


Jennie said...

I just got some cute wedge/fat heels at Macy's on clearance. But some wide round-toed, low-heeled Mary Janes might be very good. I used to have some from Green Mountain that I wore until they fell apart. Zappos is the best. Endless is good but sometimes more expensive. I have some great Kenneth Cole Reaction round-toed stiletto mary-janes that I got from Nordstrom that are very comfy and still in good shape. So maybe Zappos will have a great deal on something higher-end?

Jennie said...

PS: I think the ruching will be cute. Hides gramma arms! (That's why I like them.)