Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the box

Punkin: Box. Box. Box. Box. Box. Box. Box. Box.
Me: Can I help you?
Punkin: No, mine! Box. Box. Box. Hi! Box. Box. Box.
Maintence guy: Hi. He sure is getting big.
Punkin: Box. Box. Box. Box. Bye! Box. Box.
Me: It's a present. For Punkin.
Punkin: Pesent. Box. Dis is. Ya. Box. Box. Box. Box. Box. Box. Box. Box. Box. Box. Box. Box.
Me:Let's go in.
Punkin: Ya. Middy Mouse!
Me: What's in the box? Let's see.
Punkin: Mouse! NO! (slaps himself in the face repeatedly)
Me: Heavens. Oi.

There was a UPS sticker on the door, and I wasn't expecting anything. Turns out it was for Punkin! We walked to the office to pick it up, and he somehow knew it was for him. He grabbed it from the lady right away and carried it the entire way back to the apartment. As soon as we reached the apartment, however, he lost most of his interest in the beloved box and glued his eyes --yet again-- to Mickey Mouse's Once Upon a Christmas. So I opened it and gushed over the adorable Carhart hoodie all by myself. So cute! Good job Godparents!

Had picture day today. I guess he cried up until it was his turn, at which point he waltzed to his place, turned up the cheese volume, and refused to make eye contact with the camera.

Nothing else noteworthy happened today, unless you count not having respite again. Guess I will have to truck Little Man with me to the laundromat. Who knows when, though. Tomorrow afternoon I am meeting with my bosses and his teacher to talk about transitioning him to his new room. Thursday the early childhood intervention teacher and speech pathologist are coming. And Friday is Friday. Friday is not, under any circumstance, laundry day.


Kristiem10 said...

I like your "no laundry on Friday rule". I may have to implement that. Punkin is adorable.

Jennie said...

You are too, too cute. I love the "cheese" thing - he's such a brilliant man!

Sarah said...

oh, he is too funny! i am sending you some mail today.

i miss you guys already. :(

Alice said...

Good luck with the transition. You sound tired:( I hope you have a great Thursday!