Monday, October 8, 2007

drying costs went up a quarter, now i never know how much money i need for laundry

Went shoe shopping online. Ordered two pairs. I think. Now I will see if any of them fit! One pair is a pretty typical black pump but it has a skinny heel and a little wrap detail on the toe. The other is a heeled mary jane style. That's more of what I was originally thinking, but they cost two times as much. I think I'll just go with whatever fits. My feet are shaped like boxes. They are beyond wide. Seriously. So I won't be surprised if I'm sending them both back in a few days. I HATE shoe shopping. Love shoes. Know what I want. Can't find it for my boxy feet. Large boxy feet. But the nice thing about the websites is that I can sort before I search. And no obnoxious salespeople bringing me things that WON'T WORK I TOLD YOU WIDE WIDTH "just in case" because "this brand runs big." Whateva.

Did you see how adorable my Punkin is???? Can you STAND it? He was playign peek-a-boo. Or pee-boo. Instead of using his spoon to eat his rice today, he was using his cup to scoop it up and "drink" it. I was so excited that he was eating the rice, I didn't even say anything. I did snap some photos, of course, but none of them were really good enough to share.

Didn't win at Bunko, but I did drink some yummy punch. MMMM. Punch. Punkin's respite worker said she's never seen a little kid so good about cleaning up his toys. What a good boy!

Tomorrow is eye appointement day!


Kristiem10 said...

Aww, Pee-boo is such a fun game! Love the Chewy Tube in his mouth. Blake has one too.

Too bad you didn't win Bunko. Do you guys play for money or prizes? We play for prizes and I got a bottom prize last time. Two pairs of gloves, a hat and a box of Mike and Ikes.

Andrea said...

I would really like us to get together sometime. I don't know if you are busy December 1st? We have cookie baking day here. Lots o fun! Then maybe could convince Matt to watch kids while we go find some liquid fun downtown. Let me know. We would LOVE to have you any time.

Laura said...

Those pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!! I want one framed. actually, I don't think i ever got you a bday present :( i suck! maybe i will get two frames, one for you, one for me!!!

Gorgeous pictures, gorgeous punkin!

FXSmom said...

Ya know I always wondered if the wide feet thing was a fragile X thing. My and my fraggles always have to buy shoes that explicitly say "wide" on the box! So I feel your pain.

d. said...

Aw, I remember your boxy feet. And slippers in the office. :)

Alice said...

Such a cute little man!
All the two of us need is Kentucky (red) or Tennessee (orange. Come on big money, big money, no wammies, no wammies! (Do you remember that Game Show? It isn't funny if you don't know it.)

Andrea said...

I hate hate hate my wide feet as well. It is sooo hard to go around a shoe store and look for shoes even harder in catalogs. I get so bummed out when I need a new pair of shoes and the ones I find are great but they don't fit my giant feet.