Monday, October 22, 2007

fun in the sun

Weeeeeeeeeeeeee. Lion's boyfriend was pushing him. He and Punkin totally hit it off.
Punkin always breaks sticks and then tries to put them back together. It cracks me up every time.
No idea what this is about. Like how well I comb his hair?
Nope, not posing for a cute picture. He's pooping.
The "I Just Pooped" face. Then he shudders head to toe.

Speaking of pooping, which I NEVER do on this blog..... Not only did he poop in the potty today, he went pee in a PUBLIC TOILET! So brilliant.

Got my new glasses today. I will post a picture on a day when I have my hair and makeup done!

Went to the ENT and the AEA for a hearing test. Ears are great, much to my surprise (and glee).


Andrea said...

He is beuuuutiful! I love the poopy picture. That is exactly like Roland. I can't wait until we are to the potty training stage.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, could he get any cuter. I miss you guys. You really need to come visit!!!
Love you lots, Aunt Patty

Alice said...

I think these are wall worthy pics if you can forget the action associated with the
He is just so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

So adorable! Now that Uncle Mike will be in Chicago we can see you more often.

Kristiem10 said...

I am sorry but I absolutely LOVE the "I just pooped" picture. Blake does the shudder thing when he's done, too.

Laura said...

he's SO CUTE!

how do you get blogspot to let you post a picture and then type and then post another picture and then type? mine clumps all my photos together.

FXSmom said...

LMAO...Mat's very first picture ever was with a full load in the diaper. It sticks in your mind forever! He is just soo handsome...even pooping.