Monday, October 1, 2007

i feel so socially inept today

I feel stupid today. I mean, these past few weeks have been torturous. I've forgotten how to spell, for one. There was the whole garbage in the car incident, the ketchup and peanut butter thing, the usual forgetfulness. And then on Friday I left Punkin's backpack on the trunk of my car and drove off! I found the backpack later, hanging on a fence where some kind soul had placed it for me. For the record, I know that I am not stupid. Kind of like you know you're not a stuffed turkey, but you feel like one. Can't help the way you feel, only what you do with it. So I'm writing it out. I know Oma is right--it's just because I'm thinking about 12 different things.

GOD IS SO GOOD I DON'T KNOW HOW TO MAKE YOU UNDERSTAND!!!! You see, I have this little problem called Attention Deficit Disorder. Ever heard of it? I've diagnosed myself, so really it could be just too much caffeine. ANYWAY, I am constantly checking other sites in between sentences. Which sort of accentuates the whole tangential speech problem, I guess. So I decide to check the DHS site to see if we got any child support. Wasn't feeling too optimistic, as always, especially seeing as how I have already checked it 5 times today (usually we get child support on the 31st or the 1st). But, there it was! Just lifts the burden. Now there are only 11 things to think about. =) HOORAY!

I went to a scrapbooking party. SO fun. I'm having one in a few weeks now. I think I'll ever so cleverly serve all of my snackies on PC stuff. Then people will ask, "Where did you ever get this beautiful white bowl with muti-colored dots??" "Oh,' I'll say, "The hand-painted one that's also chip-resistent and on sale next month if you book a show......." I know, I know, so crafty. But seriously, these scrapbooking materials look amazing. AND THEY HAVE PENS. And stickers. And pretty paper. And And And special thingies to cut with and make shapes with and......

Love the .............. today.

I promised pictures. I have none. But a lot of it is because he insists on being naked all the time. The poor thing asked to go potty when we were visiting Oma at her school this afternoon. So I take him into the bathroom but he won't go cause it's weird in there and I have to hold him so he won't fall in. And then as soon as I put his diaper on, honest to goodness WRESTLE him to get his clothes on (I was sweating), and go back to Oma--he poops. Then--and this of course is funny to me because it happened while Oma was babysitting--he comes out from his bedroom with his diaper off saying, "pooped" and proceeds to pee all over the kitchen floor. Now, this is only funny tonight. Tomorrow when I can't get him to keep his diaper on, it will no longer be funny and cute. It will be the death of me.

Oh, and I've made up my mind that I want him in the self-contained room with intergrated time every day until he is ready to be in the integrated room full time. This is mostly because of his sensory needs. Still a long way to go with this, including a possible evaluation (IQ testing) and writing his first IEP. He's had an IFSP, but this will be much more involved. It does get easier, right?? No??? EEk.


Kristiem10 said...

I diagnosed myself with Adult ADD about two months ago.

I always have to wrestle Blake into his clothes. With sweating.

I think the decision you made about Punkin's schooling was a good one. Does it get easier? Maybe. But mostly because you get more experienced with it.

Have a nice day!

Sarah said...

a) i don't think i have add, but i totally know what you mean. i am just very easily distracted. i like to blame it on my artist's temperment, haha!
b) of course i am still going to be your date to liz's wedding! i was just going to ask you about the hotel room, but you answered my question already.
c)today at work we listened to a dixie chickes song and while i don't like the song i remembered the poster with the sunglasses i made you put on them.
d) also, at work, we had a fountain of TWINE!


so that could have totally just been an email but i have been thinking of you a lot recently cause i miss you and then today it was like OK! ERIKA EVERYWHERE!
mucho love!

Alice said...

I love to scrapbook! I started making recipe scrapbooks as gifts awhile back. I just use the recipe card in place of pictures, and then theme the page around the dish. I've also scrapped baby books for co-workers for a small fee. I didn't know there were scrap parties!

Anonymous said...

Okay. It is funny today, but yesterday when I walked in the pee it wasn't funny.

Now, if you could find a man to scrapbook with, that would be interesting :-D