Wednesday, October 3, 2007

it was a good day; nobody pooped their pants.

Every time I look over my last post I giggle. See, with my friends here, scrapbooking is code for making out. So, when my friend originally told me, "I'm going to have the girls over for a scrapbooking party," I said, "You scrapbook with girls?" And when I saw a scrapbooking magazine at the store that read, "Scrapbooking for Beginners. Let's Get Started," I thought it would be a really funny thing to give to a crush. So now everyone is in on the secret. And how did this code word come to be? Let's just say some people I know (for real, it was not me) were, uhh, scrapbooking in a room with the television on. The television happened to be playing a scrapbooking (not code for kissing this time) infomercial. Hehehe. (So, Lion and Boo, the Alpacas were scrapbooking so much that they needed some chapstick!)

Now on to more civilized matters. Wasting time. I have discovered my favorite shows online. It's a whole new world I never knew about. I can watch yesterday's House or last week's Greys anytime I want. How long has this been going on? Not that my old computer would have supported it, but still. I thought I was out of luck when my VCR broke. I refuse to buy a new one, by the way. But this is amazing!

So Punkin gets a sticker every time he goes potty. They are really generic stickers with words like great, wow, and bravo on them. The words are kinda multi-colored, but the background definitely has one dominant color. He puts the stickers on a piece of construction paper that we keep next to the potty. I noticed today that he seemed very deliberate in his placement of the sticker (which is difficult for him because of the fine motor skills it requires). Lo and behold, all of the blue ones were together, all of the pinks were together, and so were the oranges. So I tested him. We sat down with the stickers and a piece of paper, and sure enough he started sorting them as I gave them to him. I didn't even have to start the piles as a model. Pink, blue, purple, and orange. There was one pink out of place. So brilliant! I of course took pictures, but the batteries in my camera died, so no luck sharing them. I mean, his teacher told me he could do it, but some things you need to see for yourself. And these stickers are kinda busy. I guess I am just excited that he is paying attention because so often it seems like he's not! Not paying attention to "academics" anyway. Can a two year old have academics? I mean, he pays attention to his environment so closely that you would think he's missing out on the meat and potatoes of it all. But he is listening. His teacher said he is starting to learn the days of the week and give appropriate, even if wrong, answers during carpet time when she calls on him. I'm so proud of my Little Guy.

I am also proud of the fact that I cooked tonight! A real meal that didn't come out of a box. But I didn't get to eat it! I started too late and Punkin got too hungry to wait any longer, so we ate leftovers. But I have dinner for tomorrow! I just laid 4 small tortillas in a round baker, put taco meat, salsa and cheese on top, covered it with 4 more shells, and put more salsa and cheese on top. I think next time I'll try making it with chicken. I'll let you know if it tasted good at all. I didn't have any taco seasoning, so I just used a bunch of Southwestern Seasoning. Not sure if it will taste the same.

And now it is time to watch tv, on the tv. But if Punkin wakes up it's no stress to me! I'll just watch it tomorrow. Cause I'm so cool like that.


Laura said...

this is just to say i love and miss you, and i am proud of you and punkin to the point that my heart is bursting!

and i get to see you in like three weeks!!!

Kristiem10 said...

Way to go Punkin. Our kids are such experiential learners. They may not appear to be paying attention to something, but they are definitely soaking it up.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I scrapbook all the time with my girlfriends. We even go on weekend get-aways just to scrap. I can assure you we are actually scraping.
Good job, David! So smart!
Go Cubs! (even though they are losing at the moment)
Lots of love,
Aunt Kim

FXSmom said...

i am very glad you did poop your pants today ;-)

Andrea said...

Scrapbooking for me, is, well, scrapbooking. I am trying to get caught up... like that will ever happen. Are you going to homecoming? I hope to see you there. The four of us will be there. Is anyone going out to eat on Sat night? Let me know what your plans are if you are going.
So proud of David. Little things like that are so special.
Isn't the TV on computer SOOOO cool. We use the VCR to record all our programs we watch and then FF through commercials. On the computer, I don't have to FF, I can just wait for the little commercial to be done. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Hurray for David!!! Let's clap it!!!!
I ,too, am really scrapbooking when I say I'm scrapbooking. Maybe it comes with age.
I think I will be watching Grey's online tomorrow bacause the Cubs are going to stomp Arizona tonight and I want to see it happen!
Love, Aunt Patty

Sarah said...

i love your kid!

the scrapbooking thing, that's funny. the delphis used to say "reading" because well, of marian, but it's great because you can say things like "how long did you read?" and so on.


Alice said...

Way to go Punkin! Scold your mom for making scrapbooking dirty though;)