Thursday, November 15, 2007

did not fall off the face of the earth, just off the face of the internet

Punkin broke the internet port on my laptop. So now I can't get online unless I have wireless service. Cause it costs like $500 to fix the computer. Not gonna happen. So I ordered wireless, which hasn't arrived yet, and actually am saving myself about $20 a month. So Punkin had the right idea--I needed to switch providers--just the wrong method of communicating.

So I am at Panera (did you recover from the shock, yet?) getting my first extended internet fix in a few days.

Having pain again. And my hands are falling asleep whenever I try to use them to, you know, hold something. So not THAT often.... Oma can relate. We are both the sleepy hand ladies. Went to the chiro yesterday. Called my general doc today. I'll keep you posted (ha! it's a blog! you post on it! i'll keep you posted!) because I know my medical problems make for riveting reading material.

Had the big transition meeting, which went really well. Everyone was super nice and very interested in discussing the quirky wonderful nature of my favorite little boy. I'm very glad I chose to have him the special ed class. Phew.

Gotta go. Must potty! Write more when I am connected again!


Kristiem10 said...

I have sleepy hands, too. They go numb from time to time for no apparent reason. And my toes too. Weird.

I am glad your transition meeting went so well. It is great to have the support of educators who are going to be such a big part of Punkin's life!

And, WTG on the wireless. How fun.

Anonymous said...

I was a little worried when you didnt have new blogs for a few days. Glad to see youre still alive. I'm anxious to hear about your medical issues...that's what family is for right??
Love you!
Miss you!

Jennie said...

you are the cutest silly girl ever.

Andrea said...

Thank goodness that you are back. I was beginning to wonder... Anyhow, I'm glad Punkin's meeting went so well. I have attended IEPs before and it is really nice to get everyone together to be on the same page and especaially as he gets a little older and will be able to attend and understand everything that is going on with him. I'm excited for you to be wireless. I love it!

Alice said...

I hope everything checks out at the doctor! Don't take small signals from your body for granted. Sometimes they are symptoms of a bigger problem! Not to be the gloom and doom bear.