Sunday, November 4, 2007

did you get my text message?

So I am having a few issues this week. Oh, but before I get into that, let me just tell you that the D on my keyboard requires an astronomical amount of force in order to produce a D. So if I am missing a D anywhere in this post, please don't point it out. I may have to get mad then. CAUSE MY D IS BUSTED!

So turns out that the muscle pain I complained about earlier in the week is in fact NOT Punkin's fault. So I'd just like to make a formal apology to him for that. The pain actually got so bad on Thursday afternoon/night that I was crying making dinner and driving home. I almost couldn't walk because the bottoms of my feet and my calves were tight and tender and sore. It felt like all of my muscles were in big knots all over my body. I had to use two hands to shift my car, which took multiple attempts to start because I couldn't turn the key far enough.

Friday morning started out much better. Still painful, but not immobilizing. By the afternoon it was in full force again. And my tongue was swollen. So my mom and I enjoyed the graces of the emergency room during my respite hours Friday night.

I mentioned to them repeatedly that my doctor had doubled my dose of anti-depressant a little over a week before. I also told them about the sinus infection and the fever. And my mom made me tell them that I fainted.

So three vials of blood and one CT scan later, they know nothing. They assume it is a virus unless one last test (which takes 24 hours) comes back showing something about my muscles being metabolized too quickly or something I don't know. So I feel silly going in about a (probably) virus, but frustrated because there's nothing I can do. The doctor says muscle pain is not a side effect of my meds. So I go home and go to sleep.

Saturday I am feeling much better and continue to feel better all day. I drink a little too much and sleep at my mom and dad's. (More on that later.) Sunday morning I realize I haven't taken my meds in two days. So I take them. By early Sunday afternoon the pain and hot flashes and yucky tummy are back. Along with a slightly too-big tongue. I call the pharmacist. He thinks I'm overdosing on meds. Which is what pretty much everyone except the doctors thought. So hundreds of dollars and one really cool and extremely relaxing CT scan later, it's still really hard to type, but I think I know why.

So back to Saturday -- Saturday night Oma and Opa had a fire in their fire pit and we invited some frienders over. A certain friend just entered 2007 by adding text messaging to his cell phone plan. Let me just say that at one point there were 5 phones out, all texting each other ingenious little messages across the fire. (You rock my world, too, Lola.) It was beyond ridiculous. The only thing more ridiculous was when I grabbed a martini glass half as big as Punkin and drank my oh so tasty Mountain Dew and raspberry vodka out of it. (I know, eww. The Tall Guy always has really good ideas like that for me. Funny how he didn't make one for himself.) I was really just trying to be silly. Cause why would you even MAKE a glass that big? I got it from this girl.....and.......searching for something nice to say............she had a beautiful leather couch in her dorm room. She was from Texas, so I always thought it was sort of cliche that the Texas girl gave me a giant martini glass. All in all, the evening was legendary.


Anonymous said...

Your parents must be so proud of you.
(Both meanings intended)
I guess if I visited more often, David would not consider me a stranger or oompa or whatever you call him.
Hope your tongue gets to feeling better.
By the way, the coffee was real good.


Andrea said...

I would like to try a sip of that. Just like a pitcher o' fun from Randall's... remember those? I need a good night out with friends here one of these days...

Alice said...

I love Pitchers o' fun. Anyone remember Brooklyn Prostitutes and Statue of Liberties (the drinks)? Good times. Anyway, please keep us posted on your health. I hope you feel better soon. Such strange symptoms worry me! Love, W

Jennie said...

Sorry you're not doing so hot! I worry about your swollen tongue and muscle pains. Pooooooor girl. I LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

So....if one thinks they are ODing on a medication, I would hope that one would not continue to use said medication at said dosage. probably still are, aren't you?

Big Sis

Laura said...

I can't believe doctors are so irresponsible. I mean, I CAN, but I'm really mad and angry, although that doesn't do any good, so mostly I'm just glad that it is getting figured out (yes?) and maybe it's not that you needed your dosage upped so much but a new medicine? What do you think? How are you doing now?