Tuesday, November 20, 2007

i have a confession to make

As many of you know, I am an E! junkie. LOVE it. In this order:

1. The Girls Next Door
2. Keeping Up with the Kardashians
3. Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane
(Okay, 2 and 3 are tied)
4. Any sort of countdown (ie: Hottest Hollywood Scandals)
5. The Soup
6. (Sometimes) True Hollywood Story

I do not enjoy Sunset Tan. I will only watch it if you pay me.

And now, soon to be added to the blush-worthy list: Snoop Dogg's Father Hood. Seriously, I WILL watch this. Someone else needs to decide to watch it, too, so that we can discuss. It's like I am magnetically drawn to train wrecks. Snoop Dogg. My sister is practically peeing her pants laughing at me right now. And when she's composed herself, she will roll her eyes, dial my number, and ask, "Erika Lynn, what is wrong with you?"

This post is taking forever because, once again, I am distracted by E! Kimora's team is trying to Feng Shui her flagship store in NY for the launch of her Hello Kitty jewelry line for Baby Phat. And just in case you were wondering, the $5.95 ring your daughter is wearing is NOT part of the collection. They showed a watch that retails for $5,000. But James pulled it off on time, under budget, and harmonized. Phew. Almost as stressful as that time Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse had to rescue Daisy and Minnie from being carried away by balloon bouquets.

Wednesday is the new Friday this week! HooRAY! Happy Turkey Day!

I am not one for standing around the table and announcing the things for which I am thankful. That being said, I feel compelled to give you my list:

1. A large family that lets me be me, even when I screw up or am just screwy, that has nurtured my faith from birth. (And Punkin, but we will get to that shortly.)
2. Friends and bloggers. Even the ones who run off to New Zealand. The ones who keep me grounded, who encourage me, and love me all the time.
3. A rolling laundry hamper that I got when I graduated high school. I can hang my purse from the handle, balance a laundry basket on top, and still have one hand free to unlock the door and pull on Punkin's coat before he takes off into the parking lot.
4. Ibuprofen. This muscle pain is killing me.
5. Knit pants with stretch. The ice cream and cheesy popcorn are killing my figure.
6. Wireless internet, cable, and no-questions-asked returns.
7. E!
8. Health leave. Lots and lots of health leave that I can take by the hour. I have used over 30 hours, and I still have 100 left. Very helpful this past month.
9. Did I say my family? The mom who babysat all day Saturday while I was barfing and then did my PC show on Sunday so I wouldn't lose the booking. And my dad who calls while it's slow at work to see how it's going or to tell me he saw a car I would like. Or the sister who will want to make it a slumber party Thursday night and sleep on my pull-out sofa with me in the living room.
10. Punkin. My life is filled with more wonder and laughter and purpose than I ever imagined possible. I know I've said this before, but I will say it again: I love him so much it hurts to even look at him sometimes. I just never knew my heart was capable of that kind of bigness. So mostly I am thankful to God for blessing my life beyond understanding. And for giving me a sense of humor. Because life with Punkin demands that!


Anonymous said...

First off... you are now officially one of us. Stretch pants are Aunt Kim's and mine all time favorite article of clothing.
Second... when I read your list of thanks it reminded me once again how very blessed I am. Not many people have the wonderful family we have!!!!!
Third,,,, I am so thankful and proud to call you you my niece.
I love you!!! Aunt Patty

Kristiem10 said...

I love your list! I may have to make my own. Moms and Dads and sisters and X-men and the best! Oh and aunts, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Through the tears I say thank you for blessing me.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Erika, for giving us a glimpse into your everyday life!! You're a great writer and Chris & I love sitting down each weekend to catch up on you and David!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!! -Jill, Chris, Zac & Reagan

FXSmom said...

lmao. Okay 2 & 3 actually tick me off. But love the rest. I seriously want to watch snoop but I think my hubby is waiting in the hall with divorce papers in hand if I even dared to flip that way. :( But I figure what I watch when he isn't there can be just my secret...lol.

Anonymous said...

I can't tease you yet about E! because I am crying from reading your posts and comments. I love you! I am thankful for you and punkin! We are all so incredibly blessed by such an awesome God! We are making it a slumber party and at the appropriate time we will have an E! intervention!

Sarah said...

yah, sorry for running off like that. you know, white sandy beaches, sun, men with adorable accents...

(actually most of the people i meet are, sadly, german. where are the kiwis?!)

Alice said...

I love your list too. I would tease you about E!, but I watch America's Next Top Model along with other shameful shows. Happy Thanksgiving!

Andrea said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for the pick-me-up. Have a great weekend.

Maddy said...

Newbie visiting from FXSmom. I'm not one for touting the 'thankful' list either, but it's difficult to avoid this time of year. You just can't help getting carried away with it all.
Best wishes