Wednesday, November 7, 2007

monna, nigh-night!

So sleepy today. Little Man was cr-A-bb-y this afternoon when I picked him up from preschool. I did wake him up from his nap, so maybe I deserved it a little. Poor guy fell asleep during storytime! His teacher had to carry him to the other classroom where the kids who stay for the after school program sleep.

I am back to taking my regular dose of meds. It was tricky because I had to skip a day or so altogether in order to balance myself back out. The first time I didn't wait long enough, and I ended up hurting again. But now I think things are OK. Because as scary as it is to take too much, it is just as scary to not have enough. Because I don't care what anybody says--your body gets addicted to them. And withdrawl is no fun.

I'm watching a marathon of Project Runway Season 2, and I have to say that I do not like Chloe's collection. Santino said it was like a couch coming at you. And maybe it's just because I can't stand that shiny prom dress material, but I totally agree. And they always say she is the female body-conscious designer. But that material doesn't look good on anybody! It shows every flaw and creates flaws that aren't there. Blech. Shiny poofy couch!

I just wanted to clarify from my last post that the cat scan really was the most relaxing thing I've done in weeks. I was forced to lay completely still with my eyes closed as the bed gently rocked me back and forth. The only hard part was laying directly on my bruised cranium. Speaking of craniums, we are learning about our skeletons at preschool. Way funny to hear kids say fibula. And speaking of preschool, we found mouse droppings in our room this morning! Eww.

Punkin has starting saying more combinations of words. He has also started hitting me ALL THE TIME. Most of what he is saying is imitating me. For instance, he'll turn his sippy cup upside-down and bang it on the table until it drips. Then he'll say, "No. Spill. Drink!" and drink from the cup. Or he'll throw his ducky and say, "Throw! Nice!" Did I mention he is also hitting me all the time??? Doesn't want his diaper changed. Doesn't want to wear his coat. Doesn't want to turn the movie off to eat dinner. Doesn't want me to hold his precious Chicka Chicka Boom Boom or Brown Bear book. Ohmygosh his teacher gave me a picture today of him "reading" Brown Bear to another student. "Bown Bown Bown Bear Wa You Seeee? Mana Mana Mana Mana wa you see? Bird. Duck. Dog. Woof!" We were walking back from putting the garbage in the dumpster and I suggested we go read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. He said, "Yes, peas! Boom." Such manners. His momma must be proud. I don't know why, but I went from "mom" to "monna." Seems like a step backwards, but whatever. It's amazing how the crabiness can be forgiven in an instant when he looks at me and says, "Monna. Nigh-night!" and scurries off to bed. And when he gets up 20 minutes later (as he does every night) to ask for "wa-er" he looks so much like a little boy and not a toddler drinking from a plastic cup. Just melts my heart. Makes me wonder how the time passes so quickly and what new emotions I will be thinking a year from now.

The big transition meeting is coming up. Then it will be IEP time. Our first IEP. Very monumental. Of course, 18 IEPs from now, it may not seem like such a big deal. I was thinking earlier today about seeing people with disabilities first as people and not just a label. But noe I am too sleepy. Besides, we've had so many positive experiences that I can't get myself fired-up enough to do it justice. Maybe someone else could go there for me? OK. Nigh-night!


Alice said...

I wish you luck with the meeting! I think it is a positive sign that Punkin is repeating words. I know that the kid's in my life all did that. Sometimes when we didn't want them to. I remember a time when my mom was babysitting my neice that was very funny. My neice was about three, and had been very naughty all morning. My mom thought she'd finally calmed the child by letting her play in the kitchen with a white kitten. Before we could stop her she was eating cat food. My mother was startled and said, "Damn it". She never cusses normally. Awhile later we were sitting at the table we heard my neice yell at the kitten, "Damn it, white one!" It was so funny! My mom was mortified that she had taught the child a bad word.

Jennie said...

Your man always looks like a little boy to me - you only see him as a baby because he's YOUR baby. Like how my mom still thinks I'm four. And I swear my dad still sees the same thing as Steve Martin in Father of the Bride. The honey's first phrase was "God dammit, Scott, DON'T!" (Scott's his older brother.) Good times!

Kristiem10 said...

Oh, that sounds all too familiar. Blake flips back and forth from being a sweetie to hitting like a meanie.

I hope you are feeling like your old self soon. I was on vacation, so I missed all your ER drama.

Andrea said...

HI, I will go there. I have always been taught that a person is a person first and anything else after that. It is so important to remember that because everyone is different. Similarities abound, yes, but each person is an individual first and then their classification(s) after that. A person with a disability not a disabled person. Give them some dignity, right? Thanks for sparking a topic.
Also, my doctor always says that before a major breakthough there is usually a slight regression. This usually holds true for my kids what about Punkin? Also, I love it when Captain tells me what he is doing wrong "Sit Down." "Stop." "Uh Oh." etc. It is obnoxious sometimes but terribly cute as well. Makes you love them even more, doesn't it?