Saturday, November 24, 2007

mother of the year is officially off the table

Thanksgiving went really well. Except the whole waking up at 5am thing. He took a 45 minute nap at about 9am, but refused to sleep any more after that. So at 5:30 a.m. I started my baking frenzy. I ended up with one loaf of chocolate chip banana bread and two loaves of pumpkin bread. I wanted to make brownies, but I ran out of eggs. And then when I was done baking, I started cleaning out the closet and decorating for Christmas. Decorating for Christmas in a one bedroom apartment with a toddler and on a "it has to be free" budget means window clings and a 2 foot tree with only the unbreakable ornaments. But it has lights!

So on Friday we went out to eat with Aunt Emily (Men-na-nee), her friend, Oma, and Opa. At the end of the meal, Punkin was running around the empty room and climbing in and out of the booths. I signed my credit card slip, looked up, and saw him pulling a beer bottle away from his mouth (as in it was in his mouth just moments previous) and setting it on the table. EWWW. The bigger issue for me than the obvious alcohol consumption (because I'm pretty sure he spit it out) was the germs from some random dude that were stuck to that bottle. Gross. Good job watching your kid, Mom.

Then on Saturday, I noticed he had a scratch on his kneck and decided to clip his fingernails. Long story short, I ended up almost cutting a chunk of his thumb off. It bled for FOREVER. He cried, understandably, forever. And of course he will not tolerate any bandaids or tape at all. I even wrapped tape around the bandaid on his thumb and strung it down around his wrist. He still got it off.

So that's why I'm Mother of the Year. Go me!

(Seriously, I know all moms make mistakes. I am not trying to be hard on myself.)


Kristiem10 said...

That totally reminds me of when Drew was a baby, and I was cutting his toenails. I about cut the end of his toe off. It bled forever, and Eric and I panicked. His sister stopped over for a visit during all the chaos. I was never so glad to see her face. She told us about the time they almost clipped off their oldest's finger. Makes you feel awful, huh?

SB said...

something about FX'ers...they are total BLEEDERS. My son, Jonathan, who is now 19, will bleed for DAYS.

Once when he was 3 (and non-verbal), he fought a fireplace (the fireplace won) and had to go the ER. I begged the doctor for stitches for a relatively small head lac. He said no, we'll just put some gauze. By the time the doctor had it wrapped and turned around the get Jonathan a sticker, Jonathan had torn the gauze off AND ATE IT......even swallowed it. He ate bandaids if I left them on longer than 3 seconds....He ended up with 10 stitches and a nice scar.

No one REALLY wins Mother of the Year. Because there is NO SUCH ANIMAL.....

Alice said...

Chocolate chip banana bread is my all time favorite. You don't understand-I CRAVE IT ALWAYS! The only place I can get it is the May thru Oct. farmers' market. This makes me sad. When the craving is out of control I will sneak up on my oven, and open the door really fast. Unfortunatly, there has never been a freash loaf in there. I keep hopin...

Kristiem10 said...

Oh, and the beer drinking part totally reminded me of my nephew Kyle with Fragile X. We were out shopping one evening a few years ago, and my sister noticed him chewing gum. She asked him where he got it, and he said he had gotten it off the floor! :X

Anonymous said...

In my humble opinion, I think Thanksgiving was quite successful for punkin.
1. He snuggled with his Auntie.
2. He didn't break anything at the restaurant.
3. We didn't lose him at the Festival of Trees.
4. He snuggled with his Auntie.
5. The bread tasted perfect!
6. You got to sleep really late on Saturday.
7. Even bleeding, he is the sweetest little boy in the world.
8. He let his Auntie bounce him twice.

FXSmom said...

I have so done that to my kids. I always feel horrible. I'm sure it will happen again in my future :(