Monday, November 26, 2007

people with no dental insurance should not break their teeth

Oops. So a couple weeks ago, I told my mom that the permanent retainer on the back of my bottom teeth felt like it was loose or broken. As the title relates, it was in fact not my retainer. It's my tooth. It split in half. It looks like the retainer just pulled the back of the tooth loose. That's broken tooth number two. I am one classy lady. Now, my work offers dental insurance that you pay like $30 for each month. But when I got hired three years ago, I had medicaid. I didn't understand that I could still sign up for dental -- that I could have two insurances. I tried asking the HR lady, but she is one of those people who talks well and listens poorly. So I didn't sign up. And then when Punkin was born, I thought I had another chance. Ya. If I wanted to hand over $400 for...well...I'm not sure what. So now I am going to call the University and see if I can get me some grad students to fix my teeth. Meanwhile I feel really lame and not attractive. Blech. But at least it doesn't hurt. Did I mention that I am petrified of the dentist? Last time I went, I was 6 months pregnant and had to have an emergency root canal. I sobbed the entire time.

Punkin's big news? He learned that he is not welcomed to take fish sticks off other kids' plates. Last night he ate 2 cheeseburgers, one order of french fries, about 3/4 cup of mandarin oranges, and a glass of milk. Is anyone surprised that he is trying to sneak other kids' food? And he may be discovering that there is more than one Ducky. You see, somehow Ducky managed to be (1) in the laundry, (2) in his bed with his Nuk, and (3) on the chair in the living room. Tricky Ducky.

Now my broken teeth and I will go enjoy some ice cream.


Alice said...

Are you getting enough calcium? Ice cream aside that is:) Punkin sounds like he is happy and healthy. Good job mom! Are you ready for the holidays?

Jennie said...

Ohhhhhh you poor girl!!!! Don't be es-scared of the dentist, though - they're pretty nice. And this from the girl who had twelve teeth pulled for braces. Let me know if I can help - I would be happy to contribute to the fix teeth fund. Sure you don't want to come work here? You could be the receptionist assistant :) We have GREAT dental.

Kristiem10 said...

You poor thing! I posted a reply earlier, and Blogger ate it. I had that happen a couple years ago, except I was eating pizza at the time. I had to get a crown. Smart of you to go to the university, though. Punkin is such a good little eater. :)

FXSmom said...

uh oh better hide those clone ducky's before it hits the fan ;-)

Laura said...

I'm just glad it's not hurting you right now. I know telling you not to be scared doesn't help, but--don't be scared! Just remember, all things must pass and it will be over soon. I heart you.

omisskitty said...

( sent this 2x's. I had to creat an account so if u see this twice u know why sorry)
I found ur site while looking for dental assistance places. My daughter and I have a gentic disorder which effects our bones. This in turn has affected our teeth. I REALLY know how u feel. I have had 2 fillings fall out, chipping after I lost the fillings. I lost the first one over 1 year ago.My daughter really needs to see a dentist. I have called over 15 diferent dentist and since we have no dental insurance they want between $600- and $1,100 up front!! We are not able to afford this. I live each day only because of the pain meds. I buy at the store for ur teeth. I am no longer able to eat anything cold or hot. I have lost weight due to this issue. I hope u are able to see a dentist soon. I have been reading on the web people have died because of an infection with teeth. I will keep in touch if I am able to find a way to help pay for dental treatments. If u have found a way to recieve assistance I would be very greatful if u would pass it along our way. I tried to apply for the state program however, we make 25.00 to much per month maybe it was per year. I was very upset after hearing that. After our normal medical bills and broken bones we cope with, I feel there is not enough help out their for those who make a bit to much for state aid. I wish u luck just remember u would not want to die because of a fear u have, if u can find a dentist who is willing to take payment plans go for it!!! I have a new thought on dentist, they r out to make big bucks instead of helping people. I wish all people would be able to have good dental insurance.

I will keep u in my prayers,