Wednesday, November 28, 2007

pictures, cause i don't have much to say

Hehehehehe. I love when he crawls inside the bucket. Hehehehe....snort...hehehe. It will never get old. He hugged my mom today! Without being asked! Other FX mommies can probably relate to this story. Punkin gets so excited and shy that he can't look people in the eye to hug them, so he taps their chests with the tops of their heads. A headbutt. But today, he full-on wrapped his arms around Oma's neck, layed his head against her shoulder, and left my arms for hers. This was after the church directory fiasco. OH my GOSH. We had to have our picture taken for the directory. He wouldn't sit on my lap, so the photographer had me stand and hold him. But every time I stood up, adjusted our clothes, and smiled, he did a nose dive for the floor. This went on for at least 5 minutes. We were lucky to get two shots. I've since put a kitchen towel masquerading as a tree skirt around the base.
Punkin got this last year. He reads the entire "'Twas the Night Before Christmas." We're a little scared, but a lot mesmerized. He's afraid to touch him I think because his mouth opens and closes and his eyes blink. But he keeps asking me to play him, "Na-nain" (again).


Kristiem10 said...

Aww, a real and true hug!! Drew is a headbutt kisser. Hugs don't bother him too much, but if you try to get him to kiss you, he'll push the top of his head into you while making kissing sounds.

We have a scary/fun decoration, too. It is Rocking Around the Christmas Tree Santa. He dances. The boys like it now, but when we first got it, it both scared and intrigued them.

Jennie said...

That's so exciting!!!

Maddy said...

Ooo you are well organized. I did manage to pick up a proper tree skirt in big lots but I think we may also need a tree.

FXSmom said...

Pictures are alway great...especially on Wordless Wednesday...a blogging holiday I never seem to remember to participate in ;)

Sarah said...

aw, what a cutie! i am so jealous that you have a tree up already. i don't think i will even have christmas lights. not that i can't buy them, i just don't know where i would even put them. :(