Saturday, December 15, 2007

also this morning, i purposely emptied an entire role of wrapping paper so he would leave me to wrap gifts in peace

Remember Santa? Santa is now without his book. Unfortunately for Santa and all of his eager listeners, the book contained the magic transit wires between pressing a button and hearing the story. And unfortunately for Punkin's mommy, when Punkin asked, "Monna? Sanna? Pease?"
I had to tell him--I didn't want to tell him for fear of the response ruining our otherwise calm morning-- I blurted it out rather calmly, "Santa is broken."
"Monna? Peease? More? Sanna?"
"Honey, it's broken. Santa broken. No Santa."
He discovers the misplaced book on the floor, wires hanging out one end. "Uh oh. Uh oh. Broden. Uh oh." Two minutes later it had turned into a whiney wimper, "Uhhh 0000hhh. Brooooodddeeennn." I need to find a really good hiding spot for this one, but since it is beyond repair, the hiding spot may end up being the garbage.
A good read on Fragile What?!. Focused on autism, but still applies a lot to Mr. Punkin.

Another good read on X Men.


Andrea said...

HI Dear, I wish you were closer. I could watch the big D man while you wrapped and played volleyball and then maybe Matt could watch everyone and we could go for a drink :)

Laura said...

Wow, that's a really good letter. I'm glad that I read it--that's a link that I'll save to show people when necessary!!