Monday, December 17, 2007

i so got my toddler to eat a salad

He's almost three. THREE. Not three months. Three years. This means he should stop waking up every 90 minutes. That being said, it is bedtime.
OH--Who watched Snoop? The second episode was definitely better than the first, though that may have been because of the man date with Beckham. The yoga session in the pilot cracked me up, too.
And The Girls? I wanted to give Holly a big hug when Hef was so clearly not listening to her about the gym renovations. I can't believe she kept her cool. I would have lost it. I mean, Hef was telling her to do the exact things she had just gotten done talking about. Shutup for a minute and listen!
Okay, now I'm really done. Right after I take another look at Punkin's hilarious expression in the above picture.


Kristiem10 said...

Well, I have an almost five year old who doesn't sleep. I feel your pain.

I love the pic of Punkin. He is so cute. Can I keep him?

Andrea said...

I can't believe his is that old, I mean I can, but Matt asked me the other day, so how old is E's boy and I said... almost three. He said wow. That went by soo fast.

Anonymous said...

He is soooooo adorable! Just like his mama! Can't wait to give him hugs and high fives in a few days! Tell him, "2 points", for me! Oh, and, you watch junk!


FXSmom said...

lol...the above comment about watching junk was too funny. If it makes you feel better I watch junk too. Go Hef and the girls...lmao.

Love the picture of punkin. Wtg on the salad mom.