Wednesday, November 28, 2007

pictures, cause i don't have much to say

Hehehehehe. I love when he crawls inside the bucket. Hehehehe....snort...hehehe. It will never get old. He hugged my mom today! Without being asked! Other FX mommies can probably relate to this story. Punkin gets so excited and shy that he can't look people in the eye to hug them, so he taps their chests with the tops of their heads. A headbutt. But today, he full-on wrapped his arms around Oma's neck, layed his head against her shoulder, and left my arms for hers. This was after the church directory fiasco. OH my GOSH. We had to have our picture taken for the directory. He wouldn't sit on my lap, so the photographer had me stand and hold him. But every time I stood up, adjusted our clothes, and smiled, he did a nose dive for the floor. This went on for at least 5 minutes. We were lucky to get two shots. I've since put a kitchen towel masquerading as a tree skirt around the base.
Punkin got this last year. He reads the entire "'Twas the Night Before Christmas." We're a little scared, but a lot mesmerized. He's afraid to touch him I think because his mouth opens and closes and his eyes blink. But he keeps asking me to play him, "Na-nain" (again).

Monday, November 26, 2007

people with no dental insurance should not break their teeth

Oops. So a couple weeks ago, I told my mom that the permanent retainer on the back of my bottom teeth felt like it was loose or broken. As the title relates, it was in fact not my retainer. It's my tooth. It split in half. It looks like the retainer just pulled the back of the tooth loose. That's broken tooth number two. I am one classy lady. Now, my work offers dental insurance that you pay like $30 for each month. But when I got hired three years ago, I had medicaid. I didn't understand that I could still sign up for dental -- that I could have two insurances. I tried asking the HR lady, but she is one of those people who talks well and listens poorly. So I didn't sign up. And then when Punkin was born, I thought I had another chance. Ya. If I wanted to hand over $400 for...well...I'm not sure what. So now I am going to call the University and see if I can get me some grad students to fix my teeth. Meanwhile I feel really lame and not attractive. Blech. But at least it doesn't hurt. Did I mention that I am petrified of the dentist? Last time I went, I was 6 months pregnant and had to have an emergency root canal. I sobbed the entire time.

Punkin's big news? He learned that he is not welcomed to take fish sticks off other kids' plates. Last night he ate 2 cheeseburgers, one order of french fries, about 3/4 cup of mandarin oranges, and a glass of milk. Is anyone surprised that he is trying to sneak other kids' food? And he may be discovering that there is more than one Ducky. You see, somehow Ducky managed to be (1) in the laundry, (2) in his bed with his Nuk, and (3) on the chair in the living room. Tricky Ducky.

Now my broken teeth and I will go enjoy some ice cream.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

mother of the year is officially off the table

Thanksgiving went really well. Except the whole waking up at 5am thing. He took a 45 minute nap at about 9am, but refused to sleep any more after that. So at 5:30 a.m. I started my baking frenzy. I ended up with one loaf of chocolate chip banana bread and two loaves of pumpkin bread. I wanted to make brownies, but I ran out of eggs. And then when I was done baking, I started cleaning out the closet and decorating for Christmas. Decorating for Christmas in a one bedroom apartment with a toddler and on a "it has to be free" budget means window clings and a 2 foot tree with only the unbreakable ornaments. But it has lights!

So on Friday we went out to eat with Aunt Emily (Men-na-nee), her friend, Oma, and Opa. At the end of the meal, Punkin was running around the empty room and climbing in and out of the booths. I signed my credit card slip, looked up, and saw him pulling a beer bottle away from his mouth (as in it was in his mouth just moments previous) and setting it on the table. EWWW. The bigger issue for me than the obvious alcohol consumption (because I'm pretty sure he spit it out) was the germs from some random dude that were stuck to that bottle. Gross. Good job watching your kid, Mom.

Then on Saturday, I noticed he had a scratch on his kneck and decided to clip his fingernails. Long story short, I ended up almost cutting a chunk of his thumb off. It bled for FOREVER. He cried, understandably, forever. And of course he will not tolerate any bandaids or tape at all. I even wrapped tape around the bandaid on his thumb and strung it down around his wrist. He still got it off.

So that's why I'm Mother of the Year. Go me!

(Seriously, I know all moms make mistakes. I am not trying to be hard on myself.)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

i have a confession to make

As many of you know, I am an E! junkie. LOVE it. In this order:

1. The Girls Next Door
2. Keeping Up with the Kardashians
3. Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane
(Okay, 2 and 3 are tied)
4. Any sort of countdown (ie: Hottest Hollywood Scandals)
5. The Soup
6. (Sometimes) True Hollywood Story

I do not enjoy Sunset Tan. I will only watch it if you pay me.

And now, soon to be added to the blush-worthy list: Snoop Dogg's Father Hood. Seriously, I WILL watch this. Someone else needs to decide to watch it, too, so that we can discuss. It's like I am magnetically drawn to train wrecks. Snoop Dogg. My sister is practically peeing her pants laughing at me right now. And when she's composed herself, she will roll her eyes, dial my number, and ask, "Erika Lynn, what is wrong with you?"

This post is taking forever because, once again, I am distracted by E! Kimora's team is trying to Feng Shui her flagship store in NY for the launch of her Hello Kitty jewelry line for Baby Phat. And just in case you were wondering, the $5.95 ring your daughter is wearing is NOT part of the collection. They showed a watch that retails for $5,000. But James pulled it off on time, under budget, and harmonized. Phew. Almost as stressful as that time Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse had to rescue Daisy and Minnie from being carried away by balloon bouquets.

Wednesday is the new Friday this week! HooRAY! Happy Turkey Day!

I am not one for standing around the table and announcing the things for which I am thankful. That being said, I feel compelled to give you my list:

1. A large family that lets me be me, even when I screw up or am just screwy, that has nurtured my faith from birth. (And Punkin, but we will get to that shortly.)
2. Friends and bloggers. Even the ones who run off to New Zealand. The ones who keep me grounded, who encourage me, and love me all the time.
3. A rolling laundry hamper that I got when I graduated high school. I can hang my purse from the handle, balance a laundry basket on top, and still have one hand free to unlock the door and pull on Punkin's coat before he takes off into the parking lot.
4. Ibuprofen. This muscle pain is killing me.
5. Knit pants with stretch. The ice cream and cheesy popcorn are killing my figure.
6. Wireless internet, cable, and no-questions-asked returns.
7. E!
8. Health leave. Lots and lots of health leave that I can take by the hour. I have used over 30 hours, and I still have 100 left. Very helpful this past month.
9. Did I say my family? The mom who babysat all day Saturday while I was barfing and then did my PC show on Sunday so I wouldn't lose the booking. And my dad who calls while it's slow at work to see how it's going or to tell me he saw a car I would like. Or the sister who will want to make it a slumber party Thursday night and sleep on my pull-out sofa with me in the living room.
10. Punkin. My life is filled with more wonder and laughter and purpose than I ever imagined possible. I know I've said this before, but I will say it again: I love him so much it hurts to even look at him sometimes. I just never knew my heart was capable of that kind of bigness. So mostly I am thankful to God for blessing my life beyond understanding. And for giving me a sense of humor. Because life with Punkin demands that!

Monday, November 19, 2007

*pats self on back*

Blogging from Punkin's chair. It's the black and white chair that he has claimed for his own and which I am only allowed to sit in when he is asleep. I suppose, though, that doesn't really mean I'm allowed. It just means I'm sitting there and he isn't around to tell me, "No. Off." But I digress. The point: no wires! And more importantly than the no wires--I DID IT MYSELF. I got the new modem. I hooked up the cable splitter thingy and installed the router, which was no easy task letmetellyou. Because I have the oh-so-everly-delightful Windows Vista. It really is just like the commercials with the Mac Guy and the PC Guy. I couldn't use the easy start-up, installs it for you in 5 minutes or less, cd. I had to trudge through the user's manual filled with acronyms and computer terms and "If this big computer word, then this acronym. But be careful, because, 'If this acronym, then this big computer term, then you and your machine will self-destruct.'" Oi. But if I wanted to, I could watch Grey's Anatomy reruns online in MY BED. Sooooooooooo worth it.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

you've got to be kidding me

I don't know if I'm clueless or if I just had the biggest misunderstanding EVER with the internet salesperson, but I am not yet wireless. Not in my definition, anyway. See, in this company's definition, wireless means that there are no wires going from their building to your my house. Which is so helpful to me. Because I care so much about one more wire coming into my apartment. Ya. NOT HELPFUL TO ME! So now I am online, but only because the ethernet cord is properly positioned for the moment. Ooops. Now it's not. Oh, wait, now it is. Plus, I have to have this modem they sent me perched in the middle of the window ledge in my living room just above the couch. You know, Punkin's second favorite place to climb and pick things up and chuck them across the room. And the signal isn't even that strong. So this little modem is going back to its warehouse tomorrow and I am getting my cable internet back so that it can be hidden under the desk. And my dad found a router that was $40. Not the biggest range ever, but my apartment isn't that big, so it's cool. Is there an easier way to do this???

In other news, I am sick. Again. This time with a stomach bug. Jury's still out on whether Punkin's picked it up.

The doc switched me to Cymbalta since my body is apparently not tolerating the Effexor. The good news is that I can just switch from one to the other. Whoo-hoo!

It is way too late, and my belly needs me to curl up in the fetal position now. Later gators.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

did not fall off the face of the earth, just off the face of the internet

Punkin broke the internet port on my laptop. So now I can't get online unless I have wireless service. Cause it costs like $500 to fix the computer. Not gonna happen. So I ordered wireless, which hasn't arrived yet, and actually am saving myself about $20 a month. So Punkin had the right idea--I needed to switch providers--just the wrong method of communicating.

So I am at Panera (did you recover from the shock, yet?) getting my first extended internet fix in a few days.

Having pain again. And my hands are falling asleep whenever I try to use them to, you know, hold something. So not THAT often.... Oma can relate. We are both the sleepy hand ladies. Went to the chiro yesterday. Called my general doc today. I'll keep you posted (ha! it's a blog! you post on it! i'll keep you posted!) because I know my medical problems make for riveting reading material.

Had the big transition meeting, which went really well. Everyone was super nice and very interested in discussing the quirky wonderful nature of my favorite little boy. I'm very glad I chose to have him the special ed class. Phew.

Gotta go. Must potty! Write more when I am connected again!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

rookie mistake

I was baking for a church bake sale.....I left them on the table......

I was getting the chocolate chip cookies out of the oven, and I thought, "I have to get the cookies off the table." It was WAY too late.
He smashed one and ate the rest. Oops. At least I know they taste good to somebody!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

monna, nigh-night!

So sleepy today. Little Man was cr-A-bb-y this afternoon when I picked him up from preschool. I did wake him up from his nap, so maybe I deserved it a little. Poor guy fell asleep during storytime! His teacher had to carry him to the other classroom where the kids who stay for the after school program sleep.

I am back to taking my regular dose of meds. It was tricky because I had to skip a day or so altogether in order to balance myself back out. The first time I didn't wait long enough, and I ended up hurting again. But now I think things are OK. Because as scary as it is to take too much, it is just as scary to not have enough. Because I don't care what anybody says--your body gets addicted to them. And withdrawl is no fun.

I'm watching a marathon of Project Runway Season 2, and I have to say that I do not like Chloe's collection. Santino said it was like a couch coming at you. And maybe it's just because I can't stand that shiny prom dress material, but I totally agree. And they always say she is the female body-conscious designer. But that material doesn't look good on anybody! It shows every flaw and creates flaws that aren't there. Blech. Shiny poofy couch!

I just wanted to clarify from my last post that the cat scan really was the most relaxing thing I've done in weeks. I was forced to lay completely still with my eyes closed as the bed gently rocked me back and forth. The only hard part was laying directly on my bruised cranium. Speaking of craniums, we are learning about our skeletons at preschool. Way funny to hear kids say fibula. And speaking of preschool, we found mouse droppings in our room this morning! Eww.

Punkin has starting saying more combinations of words. He has also started hitting me ALL THE TIME. Most of what he is saying is imitating me. For instance, he'll turn his sippy cup upside-down and bang it on the table until it drips. Then he'll say, "No. Spill. Drink!" and drink from the cup. Or he'll throw his ducky and say, "Throw! Nice!" Did I mention he is also hitting me all the time??? Doesn't want his diaper changed. Doesn't want to wear his coat. Doesn't want to turn the movie off to eat dinner. Doesn't want me to hold his precious Chicka Chicka Boom Boom or Brown Bear book. Ohmygosh his teacher gave me a picture today of him "reading" Brown Bear to another student. "Bown Bown Bown Bear Wa You Seeee? Mana Mana Mana Mana wa you see? Bird. Duck. Dog. Woof!" We were walking back from putting the garbage in the dumpster and I suggested we go read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. He said, "Yes, peas! Boom." Such manners. His momma must be proud. I don't know why, but I went from "mom" to "monna." Seems like a step backwards, but whatever. It's amazing how the crabiness can be forgiven in an instant when he looks at me and says, "Monna. Nigh-night!" and scurries off to bed. And when he gets up 20 minutes later (as he does every night) to ask for "wa-er" he looks so much like a little boy and not a toddler drinking from a plastic cup. Just melts my heart. Makes me wonder how the time passes so quickly and what new emotions I will be thinking a year from now.

The big transition meeting is coming up. Then it will be IEP time. Our first IEP. Very monumental. Of course, 18 IEPs from now, it may not seem like such a big deal. I was thinking earlier today about seeing people with disabilities first as people and not just a label. But noe I am too sleepy. Besides, we've had so many positive experiences that I can't get myself fired-up enough to do it justice. Maybe someone else could go there for me? OK. Nigh-night!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

did you get my text message?

So I am having a few issues this week. Oh, but before I get into that, let me just tell you that the D on my keyboard requires an astronomical amount of force in order to produce a D. So if I am missing a D anywhere in this post, please don't point it out. I may have to get mad then. CAUSE MY D IS BUSTED!

So turns out that the muscle pain I complained about earlier in the week is in fact NOT Punkin's fault. So I'd just like to make a formal apology to him for that. The pain actually got so bad on Thursday afternoon/night that I was crying making dinner and driving home. I almost couldn't walk because the bottoms of my feet and my calves were tight and tender and sore. It felt like all of my muscles were in big knots all over my body. I had to use two hands to shift my car, which took multiple attempts to start because I couldn't turn the key far enough.

Friday morning started out much better. Still painful, but not immobilizing. By the afternoon it was in full force again. And my tongue was swollen. So my mom and I enjoyed the graces of the emergency room during my respite hours Friday night.

I mentioned to them repeatedly that my doctor had doubled my dose of anti-depressant a little over a week before. I also told them about the sinus infection and the fever. And my mom made me tell them that I fainted.

So three vials of blood and one CT scan later, they know nothing. They assume it is a virus unless one last test (which takes 24 hours) comes back showing something about my muscles being metabolized too quickly or something I don't know. So I feel silly going in about a (probably) virus, but frustrated because there's nothing I can do. The doctor says muscle pain is not a side effect of my meds. So I go home and go to sleep.

Saturday I am feeling much better and continue to feel better all day. I drink a little too much and sleep at my mom and dad's. (More on that later.) Sunday morning I realize I haven't taken my meds in two days. So I take them. By early Sunday afternoon the pain and hot flashes and yucky tummy are back. Along with a slightly too-big tongue. I call the pharmacist. He thinks I'm overdosing on meds. Which is what pretty much everyone except the doctors thought. So hundreds of dollars and one really cool and extremely relaxing CT scan later, it's still really hard to type, but I think I know why.

So back to Saturday -- Saturday night Oma and Opa had a fire in their fire pit and we invited some frienders over. A certain friend just entered 2007 by adding text messaging to his cell phone plan. Let me just say that at one point there were 5 phones out, all texting each other ingenious little messages across the fire. (You rock my world, too, Lola.) It was beyond ridiculous. The only thing more ridiculous was when I grabbed a martini glass half as big as Punkin and drank my oh so tasty Mountain Dew and raspberry vodka out of it. (I know, eww. The Tall Guy always has really good ideas like that for me. Funny how he didn't make one for himself.) I was really just trying to be silly. Cause why would you even MAKE a glass that big? I got it from this girl.....and.......searching for something nice to say............she had a beautiful leather couch in her dorm room. She was from Texas, so I always thought it was sort of cliche that the Texas girl gave me a giant martini glass. All in all, the evening was legendary.