Wednesday, January 9, 2008

after our arts and crafts disaster on monday, i bought him an aquadoodle and molding sand for his birthday

Kristie and I were e-mailing back and forth about our sons' pickiness, and I thought, "Why not make everyone read about it?"

Okay, Seriously. He knows when I start typing. It's like a sixth sense. He's been in there, almost asleep, for twenty-five minutes. The second I typed 'pickiness,' I heard pitter-patter and the door handle. Or was it the door handle and then pitter-patter? Yes, the second one, as carpeted bedrooms and toddler feet do not produce a pitter-pattery effect.

ANYway, ahem, in no particular order, the Punkin's oddities:

1. Must wear both shoes and socks or be barefoot. Socks alone are impermissable and subject to wild meltdowns.

2. He must be naked when he potties--shoes, socks, shirt, and pants. Except, of course, at school or when Oma takes him at her house.

3. Lunch meat and other fillings that others might slide between two slices of perfectly good whole grain bread must instead be placed inside a hamburger bun. Again, school wins in this case, because all of their sandwiches come on buns.

4. "DA FIGHDER!" A love for all things long and skinny. Forks, spoons, pegs hooked together, snap beads linked together, wrapping paper tubes, shovels, straws. You get the idea.

5. He will eat fish sticks but not chicken nuggets. WHAT CHILD WON'T EAT CHICKEN NUGGETS???? My parents would claim that it's a cruel irony--punishment for years of going out to nice restaurants and ordering the chicken strips basket.

6. He loves being upside down. I must say that while I understand that this is new territory for many observers, and while it admittedly looks a but strange, and while I always want to be willing to answer questions in an effort to educate others, I do not need to see strangers' gaping stares in Cracker Barrel or hear them say, "Is that good for him? He's upside-down." No sh*t, Sherlock. I thought he was sitting in his booster seat, coloring nicely while he awaits his CHICKEN STRIPS BASKET. (Or "burder and Fen Fies.") You know, mostly I mind when people openly question my judgement; not the odd fact that Punkin enjoys such a strange sensation. Get the diff? I mean, I wouldn't want to hang my head upside-down for twenty minutes. Can you imagine? All the blood rushing and the pressure behind your eyeballs. No thank you. I don't get it, either. But please don't intimate that I am somehow hurting or endangering him. Obviously we are all happy; and most of us are being quiet and minding our own business, Ahem.

7. No blanket on top of him before he goes to sleep. After, yes. In fact, he may wake up and ask for one.

8. He wants me to rub my nose against his, but he can't bear to get his face that close to mine. He just giggles and turns his head. So cute.

Now it's not fair to pick on somebody unable to defend himself. So in a spirit of comradery, I give you Monna's quirks:

1. I Can Not STAND the sound that the windshield wipers make when they scrape across the frost on my windshield. *Shivers*

2. I wash dishes with a washcloth (a new one each day--I have about 15) or a scrubber with the water running. Meaning I do not, under any circumstance, fill the sink up with water and dunk the dishes. That is like a dish bath.

3. Which leads me to number three. I hate bathtubs. Actually I hate baths. I do not need to sit in a puddle of my own filth. Why would I want to do that? Now hot tubs are different; they have chemicals. And I may be convinced to take a bath at a hotel under the following conditions: a) the tub itself has been cleaned by me, b) I have been drinking wine and am feeling chill, and c) I have already taken a shower.

4. I love drinking soda through a straw--even if it's in a can. Fountain soda is best; it's the fizziest. Then cans, then bottles.

5. Ever since I was little, I have folded a small piece of the edge of a blanket or even an article of clothing and rubbed it against my thumb and forefinger. Punkin does this, too. And it's probably why he likes Legos--it's the same effect. I tried it. (My grandma did this as well. But not the Legos thing.)

6. Everything has its place. I have cubbies to sort toys, and each cubby has a picture on the front of what goes inside. The shelves even have pictures. The trucks are in one bin, and finally the mostly miscellaneous objects in another. I'd like to say that the primary motivation behind this labeling was to help Punkin learn to sort and clean up. And while that played a role, the main reason was because the respite workers kept putting things back in the wrong place.

7. Food should not touch, unless of course it is something along the lines of a casserole or salad. I just don't want any other part of my meal touching the casserole. My Aunt's friend even sent me an adult-sized round plate with dividers. Thanksgiving is kind of nerve-wracking.

8. I love the smell and flavor of oranges, but I cannot bring myself to eat one.

I really have no room to call him picky, do I? Darnit.

Now, it is funny when toddlers get mad. Especially mine. Because he smacks his arms around in attempt to hit me and instead whacks himself. And because he thinks the can pick up the heavy blanket from his mommy's bed and throw it at her. But he can't, so he chucks his blanket at her instead. Good problem solving, though. Hehehehe. This happened at about 6am after I told him to put on his pants. After he finally complied and calmed down, I asked him to bring me his shoes and socks. He brought me his snow boots and went back for socks. He grabbed the socks, and at my request grabbed his regular shoes. He handed me the boots. "No," I said, "Let's wear the white shoes. No boots." I could see a storm brewing inside. I had to make a decision, "Is it really worth it?" No. I put the boots on his feet, wrote a note to his teacher, and stuck the sneakers in his backpack. He looked really silly, though, because there isn't a flake of snow on the ground.

(Oh, and he is going to start transitioning to his new school next week. And I had a parent-teacher conference today. I talked his poor teacher's ear off. I'm just so proud!)


Kristiem10 said...

Oh how I love this post.

I know we emailed about our kids quirks, but you may have inspired me to make my own list. You're going to start thinking I'm a stalker.

Andrea said...

Oh Dear, I can relate on so many levels to what you have just said about your Punkin. Captain has many of these same traits and quirks and some others as does Burbles. All kids are different, but the upside-down thing...yeah. The socks/shoes thing... yeah. I forget the others, but I had to read the post out loud to Matt so that he could know why I was laughing and being like.... YEAH!
As far as your oddities go... TOTALLY AGREE on the soda thing. This is especially true for Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, and Pepsi. Bottles are aweful and are a worst-case scenario. And I need to get me some tubs to put specific toys in. This drives me nuts, but I fear that it would be way more trouble at this point as Captain just doesn't get it yet. I asked for tubs for XMas, but noone got them. Can you recommend what type of organizer you use and take a photo so I can see what you have done? I'm sure the labels would get ripped off our the tubs before the toys would ever get played with at our house.
Captain's oddities: can't have a piece of fuzz, lint, garbage anywhere or he will let you know that it is "Garbage" and then put it there. Same goes with clothes on the floor. "Hamper." And, anytime I do the dishes or the laundry I have a "Helper". KIDS.

FXSmom said...

i'm sooo with you on the whole bathing in your own filth thing. I shower first and then take a relaxing soak. And I don't fill my sink up either...never saw the connection till now...hmmm.

Jennie said...

I think you mean "intimate", not "intonate". "to hint", right? I LOVE to hear all these funny things about you guys. I don't really like my food touching either. I wonder if all brilliant people have some autism-spectrum attributes. Maybe genius goes along with mild autism? That would certainly prove my theory about Punkin being brilliant! LOVE YOU LOTS!

Laura said...

Bottles ARE a worst-case scenario!! One thing I love about New York is that when you buy a can of soda, no matter who from, they always give you a straw. I think this probably has more to do with germs on the can than care for my soda experience, but hey, I'll take it!

My oddities: I can't stand the sound of a hairbrush or of fingernails scraping on a seat-belt. Chalkboard, yuck but I can deal; seat-belt--SHUDDER!!

I really hate it when someone washes the dishes and leaves the sponge in the bottom of the sink. Then it fills up with cold, dirty water and the next person who touches it might as well go take a shower. Wring it out and leave it above the sink. This is a source of conflict in my household, haha.

And, I don't like to eat when people are standing up around me, or when they keep hopping up, or when they've cleared their place away and sit back down to watch me eat. If the people around me aren't eating too, I lose my appetite.

Anonymous said...

You already know about Robert's obsession with stick- like objects but what I thought interesting is he did the same thing with his "blankie" that you did. He still wants it when he is having a seizure and he has to find that one special corner to hold. (it's got a big hole in it now).
As for my quirk. There is one type of plastic that I REALLY can't STAND hearing anything rub against. Aunt Patty will vouch for that one but she has her own quirk....she doesn't like things around her neck. Things like scarves, turtlenecks, etc. and you should see her reaction when you put a feather boa on her. SOOOO funny.
Love you, Aunt Kim

FXSmom said...

oh and little brother who has absolutely nothing wrong with him won't eat PIZZA!! When he was a kid he would take a ham sandwich for pizza parties. He says it too much of a combination of flavors. Ummm...okay.

Haley-O said...

Great post! I love reading about both your oddities. My monkey shares almost ALL those oddities (socks and all!) with your punkin!

And, I, too, talk my monkey's teachers' ears off. I'm always the last to leave after school!