Saturday, January 26, 2008

the after-party

"Two points!" As soon as his Auntie gave him the new ball, he started looking for his basketball hoop in the closet. It hasn't been there in at least a month, but the last time he played was with his Auntie, who also taught him to say, "two points." She graciously decided to become the hoop herself, which led to more than one bonk on the head. Love the new blocks. Still love TV. I think we're watching Curious George at this point. Very cute movie.
A little more intent. Do you see the sorting skills?
Best laugh ever!
It lights up and the gears spin. WAY fun. Last minute, brilliant purchase.

Classic kid-in-a-laundry-baslet photo.
Just like Bob the Builder and Handy Manny.
Loving the new Cubs outfit.
He's getting into lining things up. Again, note that they are all blue. This is no accident.
What, mom? You thought I wouldn't try one?


Sarah said...

as always, these are some incredibely adorable photos! i love the laundry basket one. also, the inside out pajamas!

Haley-O said...

OY! He's TOO CUTE! The monkey LOVES those blocks! They keep her busy for a LONG time! :) Love the auntie basketball net!

Andrea said...

Just have to say that Busy Gears are awesome. You can sort the gears by color, match with the lights, put gears on when the thing is spinning. We have lots of fun playing with this toy at our house. Purchased for Rollie's first Christmas (he was 8 months) because he watched the gears spin in the store instead of crying. Now both kids love to play with it.

Kristiem10 said...

Looks like he had a fun birthday party. I love the inside out jammies. I think Blake would love those blocks. And way to go second-favorite sister on being the basketball hoop.

Alice said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Punkin!

Sue said...

Where did you get the blocks! We had them when I worked in daycare and they could really hack a lot of beating. My 5 year old would love them! Sue

the other lion said...

The blocks are by a company called Melissa and Doug. They make awesome puzzles and wooden toys. I think you can get them at Toys R Us.

Jennie said...

When I saw the first pic, I was like, "WHOA! Did my S on the B Barbie get her hair cut?!" Then I realized it was your sister. Looks like the man had a wonderful birthday - I love the Netanyahu thinkie looks he gets on his face when he's silently pondering whether the lessons learned from Curious George could help bring about world peace.