Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I stayed up solely to watch a new Project Runway, and it is a rerun! This would not happen if I had digital cable, as I would have checked it about 12 times. Not like the internet holds this information, or even the newspaper.....shutup I'm going to bed.

Punkin is doing so well in his new room! His teacher loves him (duh). Today they were painting, and he decided to forego the brush to use his hand. His entire hand. I think we've been watching too much Curious George. There's multiple scenes where George paints with his ... monkey hands? It's really no wonder George and toddlers get along so well; he does all of the things they do plus the things they think about doing but are too well supervised to get away with. I think they are wearing him out, though, because the past two nights he has started asking to go to bed at 5pm. I kept him up for another hour and happily obliged.

We've found a new addition to our bedtime routine that his OT suggested using at school--rolling a therapy ball over his back and the back of his legs as he lays on his bed. It took some convincing to get him to lay on his tummy, but now he loves it. Plus, (knock on wood), it seems to be helping, as he has only gotten out of bed once each night the past three nights before falling asleep (afterwards is a different story).

Did I say I was going to bed? Maybe I should work on that. You know what else I should work on? Going to the gym tomorrow. Y'all better bug me about it.


FXSmom said...

since u said to bug u about it...did u go to the gym yet ;)

Kristiem10 said...

Hey! We have a therapy ball. And I can't get Blake to stay in bed. I am going to try this.

Did you exercise yet? No? Me either.

Andrea said...

go to and they have all of the tv schedule including the reruns and new episodes right on one easy to use schedule. Yipee for such things. I never have to worry about missing new or having to watch old.
Don't we love the 6:00 bedtime? I do.

Maddy said...

Ooo the therapy ball! We don't do that so often now, but there was a time that we did it several times a day.

We called it his 'ocean ball' because it was blue and vaguely see-thru. He'd lie ON it tummy down and then I'd lie on top of him, then we'd roll back and forth.......happy days.
BEst wishes

w.d. huff said...

The therapy ball sounds awesome, and a little like something I'd be interested in:) Good luck with the gym. I'm considering joining Curves. It only takes a half hour each visit, and is VERY structured.