Wednesday, January 2, 2008

his dad sent singing, light up maracas. you don't need me to tell you what happened next.

Today, children's programming talked about some very important issues facing preschoolers and elementary school children. Arthur was about honesty when selling old toys online in order to earn enough money to buy a video game about mummies. Clifford was about accepting and loving who you are, using the example of Buster trying to change himself in order to impress the new girl dog in town. And Curious George was about helping others, and how peas don't really come from a can. All in all, we learned a lot. But it was kinda weird when Buster met that dog. I thought things might get a little risk-ay for a minute.

New Year's was fabulous. I spent it doing what I want to do every year: eating and drinking with my aunts, uncles, and cousins. Lots of eating. Mmmm. Let's just say the main ingredient in my aunt's sugar cookies is butter. The second ingredient is frosting. And you have to eat a lot because otherwise her kids would feel bad, having spent hours decorating them. I'd say that one of the more memorable moments for me was discovering that it's possible to fight with one of those paper snake thingies. I don't know what to call it. Here is a picture of me, as my mom said, "gearing up for round two" with my cousin:

As you can see, I don't have much of an issue with embarassing myself. Meaning I don't mind taking the opportunity, not that it never happens (duh).

I suppose I should address the resolutions thing. Really I just want to keep it simple; I would like to feel better. My first step in accomplishing this goal is to go to the gym twice a week. Hopefully the endorphins will boost my mood and my desire to eat healthier foods.

Going back to work today was harsh. But only two kids showed up, so we joined another room and basically hung out all day. Sometimes I feel ridiculously lucky to get paid at all; other days there is simply not enough money or patience in the world.

Did I mention Punkin's IEP is in a WEEK?! And he goes to the three year old room in 3 weeks! Did I also mention that I would have more to say tonight if he had fallen asleep before 9:15? Seriously. But his first day back at school went much better than expected, and that is something to smile about.

Something else to smile about? All of the phrases he is saying:

Monna, look!

My work.

What are you doing?

How are you doing?

Punkin's car.

I at home.

Lunch. Eat. (He says this now when he sees a fast food restaurant. Good one, Muddah.)

Monna back?

Monna play?

Monna blanket?

Monna hold you?

Oh yeah, I am Monna or Muddah (mom or mother). No idea where he got mother, but it's growing on me. NIGHT!


Laura said...

I love that he calls you Muddah! I always loved that tradition from the old days of calling people "Mother" and not "Mom." I tried calling my mom "Mother" for like a month when I was like 12 but it didn't go over too well. I think that is so cute. He's talking so much! Oh, thank you for the pictures and the ORNAMENT!!

No comment on your post's title--grr.

FXSmom said...

u r quite brave to post that Never take it down...ur son will love it :)