Tuesday, January 29, 2008

i did it!

Went to the pediatrician yesterday and got a prescription for Prevacid as well as a referral to the sleep clinic. I am not looking forward to this visit, as I envision electrodes stuck to his head (which he will hate because of the way it feels and the necessity of someone other than me touching his head to apply them), wires spilling out of said electrodes (which he will pull on, causing pain to his head and restraint of his arms, which will make him scream), bright lights, sleep deprivation, the necessity to lay still and go to sleep in a strange bed, and new strange people talking to him and stealing his Monna's attention. But perhaps I overreact. Maybe it will be consultative? Maybe it will be kind of okay? In any case, I will save my worry for another day.

Now for the Prevacid. Dropped it off yesterday afternoon. Went to pick it up today. They said that Medicaid required prior authorization from the doctor. Now, call me crazy, but isn't a prescription doctor authorization? Why does the doctor need to prescribe it twice? I shouldn't be surprised--this happened last time every time I went to fill a refill. I guess I am too much an optimist. And why can't the pharmacy call me? And and and .... grrr. So I found some kiddie antacid to hold us over.

Back when he had ear infections over and over again, the doctor would write a prescription for a high strength antibiotic, but Medicaid would tell us that he couldn't have two scripts for the same medicine so close together. So the pharmacy would have to give us a lower strength and double each dose. So I had to fight with a feverish, squirming, orally defensive baby to make him take 2 teaspoons instead of one. It's this kind of ridiculous red tape that makes me crazy, and makes me wonder how people ever get what they need.

In other news, I got him some Moon Sand for his birthday. It's kind of expensive, but it molds really easily and doesn't dry out. I've seen him play with it at his new school, so I figured he'd like it. But for whatever reason, he does not want to touch it. He got as close as holding both of his hands over the bucket repeating, "I touch?" about 17 times. Then he grabbed a shovel out of the bucket and said, "I did it!" No, Punkin, that doesn't count. But it was a three-word utterance with an appropriate pronoun!


Maddy said...

That sounds like more than a headache if you'll pardon the pun.

As for Moonsand we have a love hate relationship with the substance. They love it, I hate it.....or rather the mess!

Kristiem10 said...

What a PITA! That sucks. I am glad you got Kiddie Antacid to hold you over. I have never heard of OTC antacid for kids. But cool.

I have been thinking about buying Moon Sand. Blake turns five in April, I may buy some then.

And a three-word utterance! That Punkin is a smartie. I love how he picked up the shovel and said, "I did it!" So darned cute.

FXSmom said...

I'm not a fan of pharmacies today either :(

Anonymous said...

Makes me CRAZY when I think of all the waste caused by government red tape. Just think of all the money that could be put to better uses.
A three word sentence? Punkin is brilliant! Just like his mom.
Try not to stress too much about the sleep study. Start talking about it now... and often. He'll understand more than you think.
Love you, Aunt Kim