Tuesday, January 15, 2008

i won $15 at bunko! go me!

This is one busy week at the Punkin house! Today was his OAP Meeting, which is basically an IEP for the Waiver Program. He has lifeskill goals that the respite workers help him with twice a week. This year we decided on the following: putting his shoes on, verbalizing when he needs to go potty, jumping, and working on puzzles (fine motor skills). It was exhausting because three people all had to agree and the goals had to meet certain guidelines as well as be tolerable/achievable for both Punkin and his workers. Last year I suggested feeding himself with a fork and spoon; I was told by his DHS worker that the goals shouldn't "take away from the mother's role." Then I suggested dressing and undressing and was told that it was developmentally inappropriate, among other things. We finally settled on learning to sign and verbalize new words. As you may have guessed (duh), this is nearly impossible to work on for an entire hour with anyone, let alone hyper-destructo-toddler man. This year she again suggested a communication goal--learning the names of clothing and such. I settled on verbalizing when he needs to go potty (rolls eyes because this will never happen if we keep getting new people for every shift). Then THEN she said, of course, "What about eating with a fork and spoon? How does he do feeding himself? And dressing and undressing?" *Twitches* I am very happy with his new goals, though, and I am gad that there are four different things to work on during each hour-long shift.

Tomorrow we are having some serious bonding time in addition to doing laundry.

Thursday is his very first IEP and we have to go to WIC. Bleh, WIC. Love the free milk and juice. Hate everything else.

And then Friday we are going to the local university hospital's behavior clinic. I'm not sure what all the visit will entail, though I have no doubt there will be plenty of questions for me. And I have a few questions for them, such as, "Why does my son want to be upside down all the time?" and "Why did my son hand me his poopy diaper yesterday?" (I know! Isn't that kind of exciting? It's a readiness sign--and it was neatly contained INSIDE the diaper. It was NOT, I repeat NOT smeared into his face.)

This is all in addition to him transitioning into his new room this week and next week. I'm taking him with me right away in the morning and then driving him back to his current school later in the morning. The roughest part so far has been the before school program that I work with another woman. He just can't handle having me in the room and sharing me with the other kids. I think that it will be good for both of us in the end; it will just take time--and a few tears.

Birthdays are SO fun, right? Change is really great, too, right? AHH!


Kristiem10 said...

Wow! You do have a busy week. Everything will go fine. I can imagine your frustration with the worker about suggesting life skills that you suggested last time! I'd be irritated. But, if they can get him to do it, that would be very cool.

Way to go on the bunko win! We have gifts in our bunko group. I wish it was just money, though.

Jennie said...

Everything will BE OKAY! Love you!

SB said...

Oh how I miss WIC. We got in Alaska. I never re-applied here....but I loved free milk. My kids do their part to boost and support the dairy industry. Since I am non-cheese eater, I would ALWAYS bring a cheese platter to every place I was invited. Cheese-o-rama!

Sarah said...

pretend i am hugging you from across the pacific ocean...because i am mentally doing so right now!

Alice said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I found your blog through Jennie's blog. I have been reading up (at work SSSSHHHH!). I just wanted to say you make my chest ache, in a good way. The one about the hugs when you were frustrated in the parkinglot brought tears to my eyes. I love that feeling. Keep on writing!!!!

Crystal (used to be Hart)