Saturday, January 12, 2008

toy influenza

It started out pretty simple. We had a bin of toys and two small bins of books. Now this bin, which once held 80% of his toys, holds just his big trucks.
And now we have this.
And close-up pictures of individual toys or groups of toys like this one...

...labeling each spot in this cabinet. (I covered the photos with contact paper to make 'em stick.)

And labeling each bin on this storage system, which I love even with it's bright colors and complete lack of "I'm trying to disguise your child's toys." So baby and accessories are in one cubby, small cars are in one, Little People in another, beads for stringing in another, ect.
Think that's too many toys for ONE child? You haven't even seen the Cars table and chairs, the Little People House, the Little People Car Ramp, the adorable wooden kitchen set, the Jumbo Legos, the Duplos, the musical instrument set, the books in our bedroom, the art supplies, the shopping cart, the stroller, or the vacumn cleaner.
My apartment, by the way, is just 600 square feet. It basically looks like a preschool threw up in my living room. My sister hates it. But I love it because it makes my life simpler. This way Punkin can help himself to what he wants and more easily put it away. Besides, I can't put the toys in our bedroom--he has enough trouble sleeping already.

You can get our cubby thing at Target, but I got mine at Lowe's. They have other ones in more muted colors and with baskets so the toys are more hidden.

Storage Shelf with Bins - Primary Colors : Target


Maddy said...

Oh dear, what a splendid job. Do you have a moment to pop over here and sort us out too?
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

It's not that I don't love your suggestion was just that some of the less used toys may need to make their way to the church nursery and you could free up a little room....birthday is coming in a couple weeks!!!!


FXSmom said...

we had a ton of toys too in an itty bitty apartment. I love it. Made me feel like such a mom...cheesy I know. Had the same bins and everything...scary that they have been around for 10+ years. The physical therapist suggest the colored bins. That way the kids could see everything all laid out.

Andrea said...

Thank you for that. I have wanted to get those bins for a while now and just need to make a budget for them. What do you do about things like the Little People sets (Farm, Ferris Wheel, etc) would you separate those characters from their sets or keep them all together? Also, which wins: animals or Little People? What if they are both? I'm just looking for ideas on how to make this work as I am having little conundrum after conundrum. Thanks again.