Friday, January 4, 2008

you look confused

Did you see my new lamps? (Thanks, Aunt Kim and Uncle Mike!) Aren't they pretty? And they work. And they aren't used. I own something that is new! And it's decorative!
I was told by my super cool friends that I need to blog every day. I would like to blog every day. However, someone needs to have a talk with my son about maintaining a proper bedtime first. Speaking of friends, my parents and I met up with them after my mom and I went shopping. I had every intention of just exchanging a pair of jeans. Instead I got jeans, pink pajamas, a skirt, and a sweater. Oops. After much pizza and beer, we paid our bill and got ready to leave. Thirty minutes later, we were still at the table. Apparently when I questioned whether or not we were leaving I looked confused. Story of my life. Anway, all I said was, "Are we staying? Are we leaving? Do I need to get a soda? I could be enjoying a soda." Some people like to pick on other people.
I'm guessing only one person commented on my last post because I looked pretty scary in that picture and all of my readers are too sweet to say anything about it. Their mothers taught them well.
My plans for Saturday:
Wake up
Lounge in jammies (the new pink ones)
Cook something with my new PC cookware! (Go Oma!)
Lounge in jammies
Wash dishes
Maybe get dressed and go watch a basketball game
Cook something else
Get back in jammies (if I ever leave them)

Oh, this totally gives away where I live, but I have to brag that I went to my very first caucus last night. It was so interesting. And stifling. And a little long. But I was thrilled to be packed in a room with 300 other people if it meant that voters -- specifically young adults-- came out in record numbers. Whoo-hoo!
Oh, and the photos are from


Kristiem10 said...

That is very cool that you went to caucus.

I don't think you looked scary in the last post! You looked to be having fun! I have some incriminating pictures of me playing Guesstures on NYE.

It sounds like you have a great family. I love your new lamps. And when I come to Iowa next, we are totally hanging out. Never mind the fact that I have never been there.

Your Saturday plans sound lovely. What PC recipe are you making? I know you can't share the actual recipe, but can you give a hint?

Have a great weekend!

Jennie said...

Everyone deserves a pajama day! Especially when you have new pink pajamas! Your lamps are utterly gorgeous - I love them!

Laura said...

I love those lamps!!!! WOW! They are beautiful! They'll look so nice in your sunny apartment, too. Tell David Aunt Lion said to go to bed on time so you can post :)

Andrea said...

Ok, so I am happy to read your posts but totally understand about the kid/bedtime situation. Jammies are fun and I miss seeing you at Mariott wearing your jammies. I miss you! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Love the new lamps. I'm glad that you bought something for you!
I'm having a jammie day on Sunday. Nurse the cold that Uncle Mike gave me.
Love you!
Aunt Kim

Zora said...

You look hot in these pictures!!! J/K Those are very nice lamps. Tall man and I read it together.
Happy Saturday.