Saturday, February 9, 2008

i don't wish he was here, but i miss him

Went out for my usual Friday night indulgence sans kiddo. As always, adorable little boys were bouncing about the restaurant looking manageable and even fun to bring along to a casual dinner. Their naughtiness--playing peek-a-boo with strangers and tapping on the glass separating the entry way from the dining area--endeared them to me even more, leading me to say, "Oh, I miss him!" Pause. Sanity regained. "I mean, I don't wish he was here, but I miss him," I explained, sipping the last drops of my tropical paradise in a glass.

I must also mention that sometimes businesses need to put a priority on replacing the light bulbs in their signs. Looking through the window from our table, we could see clearly the sign for what once was Texas Roadhouse. It instead read, "Texas Roadho." I'm sure many, many inappropriate comments were made by passers-by, but the maturity level at our affair was much more evolved.

In other news--Aunt Kim, we have a problem. Someone has learned how to turn off the tv, open the door to the dvd player, take out the offending dvd, pull out every dvd from the shelf in the closet and line them up, choose one, and put it in the player. And to add insult to injury, he also puts these skills to use to stop and restart movies, most often Curious George. And because he doesn't yet know how to use the remote, he has to ask me for help before becoming frustrated and opening the dvd player door again, thus restarting the entire process. This has also become a bit of an issue with his portable dvd player, which I pulled out in a hallelujah moment on Wednesday, as he likes to press the buttons. A lot. But, hey, it's easier to deal with when I'm allowed to watch grown-up tv while practicing patience.


Anonymous said...

It was only a matter of time. Now you just need to get him to use headphones. Wish I had them for my car. Robert is quite adept at controlling the CD player, too.
Oh, you should see the room where Robert watches his DVDs. There are three DVD shelves for his movies. Does he use them? No. They are strategically placed around the room.
Love you!
Aunt Kim

Maddy said...

Ah such tolerance and patience!

Round here the drill sergeant put a lock on the telly armoire a few years ago.

So saying, currently the lock is broken, something else to add to my 'to do' list.
Best wishes

FXSmom said...

Texas RoadHO...Now that is flipping funny. I love it when signs go partly

Anonymous said...

I have to admit Robert is who I turn to when I can't figure out one of the many remotes at your Aunt Kim's. He's the remote genius. Love you lots!
Aunt Patty

Kristiem10 said...

I love me some Texas Roadho! lol.

My kids have done a number on the buttons of my DVD player. We got a new one for Christmas which is behind a locked door. Blake just cracked the doors and reached his little arm in.

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