Monday, February 18, 2008

morning update

He woke up at 7am on the dot. That means no boycotting.

There are now 19 broken slats on my blinds.

We are watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and they are looking for different colors. I hear him shout, "Da duck! Da is!" I look. There is one green duck in a pond of yellow ducks. I think he knew. I think he was listening. Then Mickey said, "Say super-cheers!" and my Little Man enthusiastically responded, "Du-deers!" I always wonder how much understanding is happening with all this tv we watch. Now I don't feel like such a bad mom for indulging him. =)


FXSmom said...

lol...I just wrote a post on Matty and his torture on the blinds. Too funny. Great minds think alike ;) said...

I can't tell you how many sets of blinds we have purchased in the past seven years. Well, I guess I should truly say five years. He didn't mess with them until he could reach them. I always buy cheap ones from Target, because I know it is just a matter of time until they will be all broken.

Maddy said...

Bad mummy indeed!

Worse mummy = read this book together just so that I can hear you say the last three words = I love you!

Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Maybe we should start a new club!

Tiffany said...

I used to feel the same way about letting David watch tv so much but I realized he was actually learning from it when he WASN'T learning anything from me so.... I let it go. He knew all his shapes and colors by the time he was 3 plus most of the alphabet and several numbers from a computer progam that I let him use. He loved it and taught himself how to use the mouse and everything. I finally just gave and realized that this was how he needed to learn these things. Amazing!