Monday, February 4, 2008

my friend from the future

I was going to show you pictures of Punkin jumping (two feet simultaneously mid-air) on his new trampoline, which I assembled all by myself. I was also going to show you pictures of the big red ball with a handle I bought for him. The one that stinks so badly I had to banish it to the trunk of my car. I was also going to maybe throw in a shot of him playing underneath the rug in the living room. I was. But whenever I plug my camera into my computer, it turns on and then goes black. The computer doesn't connect. Nadda. So you will have to use your imaginations.

In even better news, I learned a few things this week.
  1. When the red light on your dashboard turns on, it means you might actually need to buy more gas right away.
  2. God happily sends His angels to push your car across the street (at the top of a hill) when it is near death due to lack of fuel. And he makes sure that the street is across from the school where your mom teaches.
  3. It is a cruel irony that the woman who eats nothing but chicken gave birth to the child who eats only beef.
  4. It is imperative to take a Prilosec (thank you, Lola) after eating a tortilla chip covered in tabasco sauce (on a dare) to avoid a regretful morning-after belly ache.
  5. My friend Sarah is technically from the future. When she calls me from New Zealand, it is the next day there. Trippy.
  6. The likelihood that the streets will be terribly icy or that it will be generally bllizzard-like outside is directly proportional to whether or not I have respite scheduled.

Also, I finished my taxes during the Super Bowl and am ready to pay some bills. Whoo-hoo!


Anonymous said...

I always check your blog before I go to bed. I get so excited when there is a new post. You make me smile and I go to bed happy knowing how blessed I am to have you in my family. Thank God for those angels. I've been there!
I love you !!! Aunt Patty

Kristiem10 said...

Ha ha ha! I am so sorry to laugh. I am glad everything worked out so well. I am resting on my laurels in this case. I always let my low fuel light come on. In fact, my van now has a feature called DTE-Distance to Empty. I have gotten that down to 2 miles before refilling. This will bite me in the butt before it is all said and done, I know it. Eric would KILL me if he knew that. He doesn't like it to go below 1/4 tank.

huffy said...

I love the updates!
P.S. you can come to dinner anytime you want! You have a standing reservation!

Sarah said...

now i like to tell people that i am the girl from the future. :)

also, i watched the superbowl. with americans! it was pretty much awesome!