Friday, February 22, 2008

my friend said his guardian angels must be getting paid overtime

Last night I aged three years; I am certain that at least a dozen of my blondish brown hairs turned gray in the instant I turned and saw my sweet Punkin holding three large kitchen knives in his chubby little hands. Actually, at first I'm not sure I saw all three. My eyes locked on one as he laughed, thrust it into the air, and yelled, "FIGHDER!" My mother and I commenced screeching and pleading while he continued laughing, and pretty soon we had ever-so-gently wrangled the knives from his fingers. The last one was almost vomit inducing, as he was holding it by its 8 inch blade (as in not the handle). And I couldn't help but be reminded of Maddy's plight to safegaurd her house. For many of us, it is a feeble attempt, as our children don't understand danger or why standing on a four and half foot wall between the living room and kitchen is generally discouraged. And they are way too clever and way too strong, in many cases, to bow to safety latches on cabinet doors or breakables placed up high.

After the knife incident, I had every intention of going home and enjoying a glass of RELAX-- a sweet white wine in a blue bottle towards which my aunts would wrinkle their noses. But the Turkey, err Punkin, had other plans. Like staying up until 11pm. And waking up. A lot. All night. Kinda like the night before.

But this time he's waking up because he's sick. The doctor saw fluid in both his ears and the green snot all over his face was a pretty good clue that he probably has a sinus infection as well. Yummy. Hope you're not reading this over lunch.


Kristiem10 said...

OMG! I would have had heart failure. Blake likes to sit on the counter when I am cooking, and sometimes he grabs for my knives and things to "help" me. Or sometimes he gets too close to the stove when I am cooking and I screech "HOT!!!!" at the top of my lungs.

d. said...

Ohhhh.... holy crap that's scary.

I'm glad puppies don't have opposable thumbs, that's all I can say.

huffy said...

I'm with D. Though my kitten did try to stick his tail in my paper shredder once. Luckily, he had not mastered balance at that time!

Maddy said...

Ooo luckily it is after lunch. I completely sympathise with the no fear / no danger aspect. It certainly is a very long journey indeed.

For the longest time they had no interest in anything [boring] but then suddenly they were interested and nothing would keep them out of anything.

I think a vat of hair dye is the only solution around here.
Best wishes

Haley-O said...

EEEEK! That's TERRIFYING! I'm glad he's okay!!! I hope the little guy gets over the sinus thing, though!

Anonymous said...

After a day like that this aunt says you not only can drink any kind of wine you want you can drink anything with at least a little alcohol in it.
Love you, AP
P.S. You are in my prayers.

Casdok said...

Very scary.
Was just about to eat....!

liz said...

I actually am eating lunch, but have a little man sitting next to me with what seems to be chickenpox covering his sweet little face and yes the yummy green snot entering and exiting his nose as he breaths through his bites of pizza. Glad to hear you made it through the knife incident. xo