Tuesday, February 19, 2008

napping, those pesky walls, and practicing empathy

Some people don't take naps. Some people who don't take naps should maybe reconsider their stance on this subject. Just something for some people to think about.

Speaking of some people, I had to sign three incident reports when I picked Punkin up from school today. He ate breakfast so fast that when he went to wash his hands, he threw up. Then he walked into a wall. (This comes in second to the time he walked into a Coke machine.) Then he rubbed soap in his eyes.

And during rest time, he held out part of his blanket to his teacher and said, "Night night." She told him that he needed to take his own advice. I think maybe his teachers had a long day!

Tonight was the first night of my Bible study for Lent, so Mr. Man had respite. She asked if she could take him to a local college's basketball game. I thought, "You are nuts." I said, "Sure!" It sounds like it went pretty well, though. He ran around like a maniac for the first few minutes and then sat nicely beside her to watch the game.

For some reason he tends to fall asleep on the floor next to his bed when he has respite. It's like his one small act of rebellion. My Monna is not here, therefore I will boycott my comfortable bed with the super-cool truck sheets in an attempt to make her feel sorry for leaving me. This method has been entirely ineffective to date, although I hesistate to admit it for fear of Plan B.

Having a child has made me a much more compassionate person, especially when it comes to handling "problem behaviors." Now, in the heat of the moment, the emotions run from frustrated to focused to irritated to exhausted to amused. But in the aftermath, my heart often aches for his frustration, his exhaustion, and his overall inability to communicate how he feels. Sometimes I wish he could yell, "I'm PISSED, Monna! I'm mad. I don't WANNA! I don't like that!" But even though he jabbers nonstop, none of the 200 words in his vocabulary make it from head to tounge in the moment it takes to move from calm to blowout and back again.

Back again. I will be going back to the gym tomorrow. I went today. Thank you, thank you. I am going to attempt to take him with me on Saturday. Last time the child care workers had to come get me because he wouldn't stop crying, so I am scared to make him go back. But maybe I will be pleasantly surprised? Somehow I am not that hopeful! =)


Jennie said...

HA! "I'm PISSED, Monna!" So cute. You are a very good mommy, and I'm glad that you don't feel guilty for getting respite to help yourself and tend to other things in your life. Glad the bat-et-ball game went well (that's what my cousin used to call it.) MUAH!

FXSmom said...

Naps should be law

Maddy said...

I think we skipped the nap phase completely!