Sunday, February 10, 2008

not a grammy, but still nice

Kristie at Life With My X Men gave me an award! If you haven't read her blog before, I suggest visiting today. We are both blonde bombshells, we both love extra cheese pizza light on the sauce with a side of Culver's cheese curds, we have the same bedding, and we both have cutie X-Men. Her younger son and Punkin are a lot a like, too. They are both lovers of Woody, of wriggling out of their clothes, and of squeezing into small spaces.
Now I get to pass the award on to some of my favorite bloggers. Sarah definitely came to mind, seeing as how she is currently my international friend from the future. Read all about her adventures in New Zealand and check out her gorgeous photos from Alaska, New Zealand, and Iowa. Lion is a fantastic writer. I wish she would write 12 times a day every day, but she's a little busy. I am extremely jealous of her extensive vocabulary only because it is so natural. Like she was born speaking 10 word sentences. And Jennie makes me smile because she is so honest. Reading her blog made me want to start my own. And lastly, Miss Wonderland, a very compelling writer who deserves more readers. So don't tell me you have nothing to do today--click away!

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Maddy said...

Horray! Congratulations to everybody.
Best wishes