Sunday, February 17, 2008

paid day off tomorrow!

Church this morning was especially nice. The pastor giving the sermon invited the children to come pick up a piece of paper and a box of crayons so that they could color a picture of how their family members show love to one another. Punkin wrote his name. He always writes his name these days: scribble, scribble, circle, circle, big line down, bang the crayon against the paper to make a dot, bang the crayon against the paper to make a dot. Since this is rather long and tedious to type and speak, I just call him Punkin. I decided that this was a good way to demonstrate how we love each other. Most obviously because he adores writing the name I chose for him, and I always tell him he did a good job. And I always will, regardless of his actual skill. Secondly because his first and middle names are those of my grandfathers. And lastly, but certainly most importantly, because God has called us each by name. He knows each one of us intimately and we are all integral to His plan. None of us are accidental or imperfect pieces of the puzzle. We may be imperfect, but God makes us righteous and uses us to His will no matter how many times we falter.

When we went up for communion, a different pastor blessed him. He said something to the effect of, "Punkin, God walks with you every day . . . He loves you." Punkin responded, "Uh, Yes!"

Lest you think the day has been all warm and fuzzy, I leave you with the following:

1. On our way out of the church to go potty, he said (rather loudly), "I pooped."
2. He broke 14 slats on my window blinds.
3. On the way back into the church he said, "I pooped."
4. I am holding my hair back with a large Twixit! Clip because I can't find a hair tie.
5. He did not fall asleep until 9:15pm. If he wakes up before 7am, I am going to boycott.
6. Today has been caffeine free. This is a big deal. Wish me luck with that 7am thing.

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Kristiem10 said...

I love how Punkin confirmed his blessing. And how he announced that he pooped. My nephew Kyle with FX likes to say "Hallelujah!" when he feels like it during his pastor's sermons.

I have been up a half hour and already it has been a caffeine day. Good for you, though. :)