Thursday, February 7, 2008

thursday feels like the new saturday

(Picture by Laura.)

"Monna. Snow. Monna. Ooooo. Touch it?"
"Yes, you can touch the snow."
"Touch it? Touch it?"
"Yes, touch the snow."
"Is it cold?"
"Ya. Snow."
"Look, a snowball."
"Sit. Ball?"
"Here you go."
"Good throw! Ready? Catch!"
"I got it!"

I'm sitting here, staring at the screen for the twenty-seventh time today, a head full of ideas and no words to express them. Blech. How much do you love that conversation, though? After we played in the space in front of our building that I will not call a yard, we walked to the mailboxes. He carried the snowball with him the entire way, except for tossing it in front of him and running after it. That was our first snow day, and I thought after running around outside that he would fall asleep easily and sleep soundly. HA! He didn't fall asleep until 10pm, and he started waking up around 2am. I think he was falling out of bed -- hehehe. I shouldn't laugh, but he just rolls like a marble or a tube or something. Plop!

I have a confession to make. I just voted--10 times--for someone on Make Me A Supermodel. Okay I'm blushing now. I must go.


FXSmom said...

wow...that looks like snow at my place. Sooo pretty :)

Anonymous said...

he must have been flabbergasted at the idea he was given permission to throw something! =) so glad little guy likes the snow. wait until its his 5000th snow storm! some of us in the artic circle are pretty done with the white stuff!!!!

love from the tundra (or wisconsin)

Kristiem10 said...

That is pretty! I love the conversation. And I love that you just voted ten times for your favorite model. lol.

KAL said...

Beautiful pictures. Don't blush about voting! I've done it in the past for a reality show. I mean several. Shows, that is. Hopelessly addicted.

Sarah said...

so pretty!