Monday, March 31, 2008

the little things

I have been keeping rather painstaking track of Mr. Man's sleeping habits for the past five weeks. I made a chart with wake times, sleep times, notes about the day, if he woke up on his own or whether I woke him up, and details on is nighttime wakefulness. The only thing I've concluded thus far is that on the nights he wakes up, he wakes up around 11pm and 3am. I think I'll leave any more interpretations up to the doctors. A chart with too many numbers starts looking like math to me.

In other news, Little Man is a genius! He is starting to actually play, rather than just dumping out toys and throwing them around the room.
He comes running into the kitchen (where I am stuffing my face with some delicious banana bread). "Muddah? Wook!"
"What, honey?" I follow him into the living room. The tone of his voice is different -- not anxious. He's pointing excitedly, "Wook! Da Duddy! Duddy da da in da da Duddy buddet! Wook!"
"Ducky is in the bucket?"
"Uh oh! Duddy!" He reaches down and scoops up his friend, hugging him close to his chest and tilting his head to touch Ducky's. "Awww. Duddy. Nice."

He's also answering more yes and no questions correctly. This takes a lot of practice. Our conversations usually sound like this:
"Do you want juice?" I ask, holding the bottle.
"Juice?" He clearly wants it.
"Yes." I make the sign for yes. I model how he should answer. "Do you want juice? Yes. Do you want juice? Yes. Do you want juice?
"Juice?" He reaches for the juice.
"Do you want juice?" I sign 'yes' without verbalizing.
"Yes." Finally!

Today on the way home from IHOP our conversation went like this:
"Do you want to take a bath?"
"Yes," He responds clearly while signing emphatically.
When we walk in the door, he runs straight to the bathroom.

AND and on Sunday he knocked a chair over (on purpose) and it hit his foot. He came over and said very matter-of-factly, "Muddah. Oww. Foot. Oww."

Some days are just so encouraging. And at the end of a hard day, or a good one, when he sits on his little blanket at bedtime, eyes scrunched tight and hands clasped together, requesting, "Pay uh Deeduz?" I know I wouldn't want life any other way.
"Yes, Punkin, let's pray to Jesus."


Kristiem10 said...

Oh my goodness, this post makes my heart happy. Pray to Jesus! How precious. I love every little thing about this post.

Laura said...

Wow, how sweet!! I'm so glad to hear about all the progress he is making. The way you are working with him is wonderful.

Jennie said...

Well, we already KNEW he was a genius - now we're more able to see it!!!! I love his funny little lilt.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm actually crying. God knew He was giving punkin the perfect mom when he gave him to you!

Aunt Em

Anonymous said...

WOW! Nothing better than the faith of a child! You keep praying to Jesus, that's all that really matters. I'm so glad God gave punkin' the mom who was just right from him, you amaze me! Thanks for sharing. Your proud sister occasionally tells me to check your blog, I'm sure glad I got to read this one! Keep your eyes on Jesus, Amy