Tuesday, March 4, 2008

loving it

I love: Project Runway. I am currently watching a rerun of the season finale that was on last night. I fell asleep 15 minutes before it aired (8:45).
I do not love: Skinny jeans. I don't mean the jeans that you love on days when you feel skinny because you can fit into them without a crowbar. Or loathe on days you need the crowbar. Or jeans that you love because they make you feel skinny no matter what you've eaten the previous week. I mean jeans that have really skinny legs. Cause some of us have hips thankyouverymuch.

I love: When Punkins listen to their Muddahs and go to bed the first time!
I am growing tired of: Waking up at midnight to lots of tears. Last night he was up for a almost two hours. (45 mins one time, 30 mins two other times)

I love: When Punkin climbs up on the windowsill like a cat and basks in the sunshine.
I am definitely tired of: Telling Punkin to get off of the windowsill after he climbs up to bask in the sunshine. He fell today, which resulted in two broken lamp bulbs and one big bruise on his cheek.

I love: A job that starts at 7am, ends at 2pm, and comes with great benefits even if it doesn't pay very well.
It is growing difficult to: Work at a job that mirrors what I am working on at home. At preschool, I am cleaning, doing laundry, teaching sign language, wiping noses, changing diapers, making picture schedules, playing, nagging kids about using their silverware, potty training, and buckling carseats. At home, I . . . well, read the previous sentence. Guess who gets the raw end of the deal? (Hint: It's not other people's kids.)

I love: The extra time with Punkin now that he is going to bed later. He is calm enough that I am able to work with him on shape sorters, puzzles, and fine motor skills. If I approach it with a super-laid-back attitude, he responds well.
I am still wondering: If he is getting enough sleep most nights since he wakes up so much and is reluctant to climb out of bed in the morning. Even if he does wake up on his own, it is generally between 4am and 5:30am and he always tries to go back to sleep and can't (or does fall back asleep during the 20 minute drive to school). So basically, we aren't fighting over staying in bed anymore, but otherwise nothing has changed. I realize it's only been a little over a week, though, so I will give it more time.

I love: Punkin's wild hairdos. This kid has serious bedhead every day.
I don't love: Wrestling Punkin in an effort to manage the bedhead, hence why he usually has BAD hair.

I love: Being a Muddah. And Fridays.
I was giggling with warmth in my heart at: A photo of Punkin sitting at the table after nap with two ducky blankets. He and his classmate had really bad bedhead, and he had a big sleepy grin on his face as he gently nudged one of the blankets her direction.


Jennie said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That is SOOOOO CUTE! I will call you today and sing you the Friday song, only because I know you won't laugh at my singing voice.

Jenny said...

I love Project Runway, too! Christian, not so much, but I didn't have as strong favorite. Unless you count Tim Gunn.

Anonymous said...

Two things:

1. Also love Runway, and that Jay will watch with me sometimes even though he doesn't love it.

2. I totally get the job situation. Sitting at home with my teen to review the same assignment I have already reviewed 6 times with other people's teens is not much fun. (neither is the extended exposure to teen-age moodiness)

Love & Miss You,
Aunt Linda

d. said...

You're a rock star.