Monday, March 3, 2008

the secret's out

1. I work the morning program from 7am-8am for kids whose parents work early in the morning. During this time, I am with Mr. Punkin. He does not always appreciate sharing me, especially with another child who also has special needs. In fact, one day they were sitting on the carpet, and he calmly looked at her, reached over, and smacked her on the arm. Jealous much?

2. During this morning time on Friday, a child was crying and Punkin noticed. He just peered at her for a minute and walked away. Later he went over to where she had been sitting, sat down, and fake cried. How exciting is that? He noticed!

3. The new bedtime is working pretty well. I am having to work to keep him away from his bed after 7pm, though. And I hated waking him up on Sunday. But I realized that he is awake during the night a lot longer than I thought. It ranges anywhere from 2 to 20 minutes. And he talks in his sleep. "Muddah. Muddah. Uh oh!"

4. I finally made the picture schedule for him. It alternates between work and play. Very simple, large, laminated symbolic pictures stuck in a row on an old desk (in order to save the walls). I'd show you a photo, but the camera/computer animosity has not yet resolved itself.

5. I'd also like to show you a picture of Punkin with a big plastic camera around his neck and sunglasses on his face. Those two things in combination with his toddler pot belly make him look like a middle-aged tourist.

6. I caught him wet-handed after he was Playing In The Toilet. In The Laundry Room. It wasn't even OUR toilet water! It was stranger toilet water!

7. The window blind situation has reached a new low. If I want to insure any amount of privacy, I am going to have to buy some curtains.

8. Speaking of decorating, who is smarter than a slipcover? I splurged on a new area rug and a chair slipcover, which is hanging incorrectly over the chair at the moment. It looks a little silly.

9. I went out on Friday AND Saturday night. I have never had such a good time waiting 1 and 1/2 hours for a table at a restaurant. It's all in the company we keep. And the free soda helped. =) I didn't even flirt or anything. I just told the guy I wanted to buy a soda and he said, "Here, just have it." I don't think it's cause he thought I was hot, though, cause his voiced was all defeated and panicky. Not that my hotness wouldn't warrant a free soda ... I just don't think it earned me one this time.

10. So Punkin has three Ducky blankets. Until today, I don't think he knew there was more than one. And I was afraid to let him in on the secret for fear he would prefer one over the other. Silly Monna. The more the merrier! He left one Ducky at school on Friday and I sent another one today. I peeked in at the end of the day to see him sitting at the table with his head resting atop two duckies. His teacher said he just giggled and looked from one to the other and back again.

I must apologize for the rather tedious narrative I'm offering today; I am feeling very sleepy and inarticulate. Happy Tuesday -- it means Monday's over!


Kristiem10 said...

Oh how I love #2! Fake crying is so cute. Great that he noticed. I remember being so excited when Drew noticed when Blake cried as a baby.

Jennie said...

Yo yo yo! Have any plain sheets? Just use a seam ripper to take out the end seams by the trim at the tops, and hang them on the cheapest rod you can find. I keep meaning to take a pic of my $5 bathroom makeover that I did last weekend, but sometimes the bathroom smells bad or people are using it and I can't get in there. And if you need solid sheets, let me know and I will mail them. For real this time - we both get paid this week and C has a bunch of OT. LOVE YOU!!!

Sarah said...

i am totally giggling at the idea of him looking like a middle-age tourist!

i also think it's funny that small children do things like play in toilets...or this morning the littlest one here who also just turned three, we washed her hands and then she climbed up on the garbage can...not quite the toilet, but not very clean either!

FXSmom said...

Rachel is still jealous of other kids hanging on me when I got to her school...and she is in 3rd grade!