Monday, March 17, 2008

some people wear blue socks

I broke a major fashion rule today by wearing -- gasp -- black socks with brown shoes. I felt goofy all day. Someone please nominate me for a makeover show. Maybe that one with Tim Gunn? I love Tim Gunn. "Make it work!"

The fun thing about spending $1.89 on some shaving cream that won't be used to silkify my legs, but rather to desensitize The Punkin, is that I finally get to see just how big a ball I can make with one continuous squirt.

Okay, I have to tell this story. Punkin is always so excited to see his pee and poop in the toilet. And I am a gigantic dork and say, "Bye, pee!" when he flushes. Anyway, he was sitting on the potty and "plunk" he went! So he had to stand up and look. "I wook. I wook. I pooped! I did it!" So he stands up on his step stool, grabbing the potty seat on the way, turns around to look, and sits back down. With the potty seat still in hand. He fell in! His poor little teeny tiny bum! Oh, man.

I was so wrapped up in our sleep clinic appointment that I totally forgot about the neurologist until a reminder letter came in the mail today. We scheduled the appointment so long ago (almost a year) that I can hardly remember why. Maybe they can help with the sleep issues??

Oooh--the curtains are up! I feel so cozy now. But now the couch kinda looks funny because it's red and nothing else is red. But maybe it's okay?? It all started with the lamps I bought after Christmas. They looked funny with the primary-colored road map rug. So I got a new rug. But then the rug made the chair look even more disgustingly dirty than before, plus it didn't match. So I bought a slipcover. Then I decided that the living room was actually starting to look a little nice, especially if I blurred out all of the toys. So I definitely couldn't keep the broken blinds any longer. Enter curtains. Now I can rest assured that the guy who's suspiciously always in the laundry room (but not doing laundry) at the same time as me can't see me watching The Girls.

And just in case my last post left some of my family members wondering if I have a fever, let me make it clear that my love of all things girly hasn't vanished. It's developed. There's a difference. And should I ever plan a wedding again, there will be pink. So yes, I feel fine. =)


Kristiem10 said...

Funny post. Poor Punkin doing a dip-butt! That's what we call it. And, maybe you need a slipcover for the couch, too? Just a thought. When you gonna show us pics of your new room?! And, I need a makeover show. Like, Ten Years Younger.

Sarah said...

i wear socks with sandals these days. at least they are keens, supposedly that is acceptable...

i don't believe it!

Umma said...

Errr...I wasn't even aware that the socks thing was a fashion faux pas. I guess my black and blue doggie socks would probably raise a few eyebrows on their own without being stuffed into my brown bowler shoe style sneaks, eh? How embarassing ;-)

You just need to "bring it all together" as they say. Add some throw pillows to your couch that have red in them. Maybe add some artwork or frames or something with red too?

FXSmom said...

Pooor punkin. I would have laughed so hard though. Punkin would have hated me.

I'm not up on the fashion thing much either. I told my hubby he needs to nominate me for What Not To Wear.

Jen said...

Fashion isn't a priority for me, either. Maybe we all can go on a makeover show!