Thursday, April 24, 2008

boom boom and buttery cookies

so eharmony sent me an e-mail that said my soulmate is ready for me tonight. what i want to know is, "who gave eharmony my name?"

and, um, can someone please politely tell mr. punkin that his breath is majorly stanky? (for those of you who don't know, stanky is an intense stinkiness. you have to say it with a really long, drawn-out "a" sound. staaaanky.)

speaking of mr. punkin, he has learned that he can shorten the number of words he needs to say if he simultaneously uses sign. for example, if he wants to watch chicka chicka boom boom again, he can sign 'more' while saying 'boom boom' instead of saying, "more boom boom." which does, admittedly, sound a tad bit like a cheap/uncreatively titled porn movie. but still, he is a slacker.

also, the best part of my job is that it is literally next door to punkin. so today i got to go hold him while he had his hearing tested with one of those doohickies that checks whether or not the child's eardrum is vibrating. and he's gotten used to his teacher and to seeing me in the hall from time to time. so all it took was a simple "bye" to separate from him afterwards.

all of my friends (who are not trendy world-travelers, up-and-coming lawyers, or metropolitan book editors) and my mom are lutheran school teachers. this means that once every two years, all of the lutherans call off school and attend a lutheran educators "conference." i type conference in quotes because while there are speakers and presentations during the two day event, it really boils down to a bunch of people who went to school together at lutheran schools in order to become teachers and haven't seen each other since the last conference getting together in a big hotel with lots of food. this leaves me alone on a friday night. i may have to go see baby mama all by myself, which i really have no shame in doing. i may also have to buy an orange julius smoothie and buy punkin some new t-shirts for summer.

i love free book day at preschool. today punkin got one about baby polar bears. soooo cute.

i really can't wait until i get a certain someone's tax refund so i can see a dentist. a kid at school knocked me in the jaw, which knocked my teeth together, which has for some mysterious reason made them super sensitive for the past 24 hours. i should just call the university already. why do i put these things off? i think it's because i have to call them. you know, using that thing with buttons and a speaker. blech. why can't i just e-mail or text message them?

oooohhhhhh, further proof that punkin is a mad genius. every morning his teacher writes a morning message. it says "we will go to the library/eat lunch/play with sand." today it was, "we will read a book." and guess what happened when his teacher --- four hours later -- sat down with a book. yep, he marched right up to the board, pointed to the word 'read' and said, "read!" he put it together -- they write it and then they DO it later!!!! okay, it could have been a happy coincidence. but we take what we can get.

okay, i am having a sensory issue. i love love love the taste of a certain grocery store's animal cookies. not animal crackers -- cookies. they are buttery. mmmmm. anyway, i just grabbed one from the bag and the texture sent a shiver through my fingers, up my arm, and down my spine. and then i popped it in my mouth and the same thing happened atop my tounge and down my spine again. maybe it was a fluke?

just think. that is what our kiddos go through all day, coming at them from all five sensory directions. and to top it off, they generally just don't understand their world or the demands of it. punkin's sunny disposition and resilience amaze me.

okay, not a fluke. something about the dryness of the cookies against the dryness of my fingertips. blech. shiver. shake. maybe i can eat them with tongs. and no, not eating them doesn't seem to be a viable option. i feel rather compelled to enjoy the buttery goodness of those machine-stamped animals despite any negative ramifications to both my waistline and temperment.


Kristiem10 said...

That is funny. I have a sensory issue with sugar covered pretzels from the mall. I still love them, but I suffer through the touching part.

Jennie said...

Eat the cookies with tongs! Just make them metal ones, not bamboo (shiver of my own at thought of wood touching tongue). And I can't wait to hear how Baby Mama is. I want to see it, but I don't want to go by myself. Come live closer! And I always wish I could e-mail everyone (especially health-care professionals) too. Boo! Creepy phone calls!

Laura said...

hahahhaha!! i love this post :) i am eating a bran muffin (NO RAISINS) because i thought it would be healthier than any other kind of muffin, but it's just sort of dry. bleah!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Erika,
You are missed by all of your teacher friends. And we only leave you once every 3 years for the national conference.

I must admit we are having great fun (and learning too, ha). The party was in my room; so I didn't get to bed until 1:30 AM. Some of your friends didn't make it to their first sectional at 8:30.

See you tomorrow night.

Anonymous said...

Sensory food issues...fruit on the bottom yogurt that is chunky when you mix it up.