Sunday, April 20, 2008

church and dogs

Punkin and I settle into the second pew from the front this morning at church. I can feel the gasps from all of the other Lutherans for having the gall to not only sit so close to the front of the church but to sit there with a toddler. Lutherans do not sit in the front. I know I'm crazy. Punkin insists on sitting beside me rather than on my lap. I hesitate, but allow it. He takes off and almost makes it to the chancel area. We sit back down, Punkin firmly in my lap. There are some ladies two rows back.
"Glad my kids never acted like that." (Is she for real? I guess it was a while ago.)
"Yes they did!" (Rock on!)
"Well, why's she sitting there?" (It's a free country.)
"Probably so she can get out easily if she needs to." (Well, she's got me pegged.)
It's true, I'm always aware of escape routes. And Punkin does better sitting up front because he can see the pastor. And I like sitting up front because there are fewer distractions, like little kids. And this morning when he fell asleep on my lap, I was able to continue to sit down and not have to stare at people's butts. Before Punkin, I would have wondered why a mother would risk sitting up there, too. I also wondered why moms talked about poop so much. And why a mom would ignore a child who was hitting himself in the head or making himself throw up. Oh, the things we learn.

In other news, I was voted bravest by my friends on Facebook. I was not, however, voted best scientist. I'd hate to see what they'd say if there was a mathematician category. =)

Little Mr. Punkin is becoming quite the stinker. (Not literally, thankyouverymuch. I bathe him nightly.) The other night, I heated up two hot dogs. One is cut up on his plate, the other sits whole in the middle of the table. He eats about half of his cut up dog and pauses before picking up the remainder a few at a time and placing it on the table next to his plate. He does this a lot, so I simply tell him to put it back. He looks at me, "More? Dot Dog?"
"No, eat this," I point to the hot dog next to his plate.
He pushes it onto the floor, "More? Dot Dog?"
He wants the one that's whole. Not happening.
"No. You threw it on the floor. All done. Eat your peaches."
Silence. He picks up his cup, looks at me, and turns it over.
Okay, you're all done.
"Muddah! No! Oh no! I fowed it! Oh no!"
I roll my eyes as I drag him to the bathroom to wash his hands.


Kristiem10 said...

First of all, those old biddies need to stop being so judgemental, and show some Christian love. Catholics don't like to sit in the front, either. And they don't like if you sit in "their" pew, either.

And, oh my gosh, that Punkin! I am sure you just LOVE when he dumps out his milk and things, but the way he says it, so cute!

Andrea said...

I'm so happy to see more photos of Punkin. He is too cute. Nice nose play by play. Fun. I'll be writing a reply post to your church episode on my blog... check there. :) Catholics do not sit up front either.

Anonymous said...

Please know that most of the people in church understand and support you when you move up front. Other moms I have talked to agree that their children act better than when they sit in the back.

We do have a few biddies that are gripers about everything. Ignore them; they make themselves and everyone around them unhappy.

Love you,