Monday, April 14, 2008

dear punkin,

You are mad brilliant. Except today when you ran away from me at Walmart and starting throwing bottles of Juicy Juice and chasing them down the isles. That was mad embarassing. So can we maybe not have to do that again? I mean, I know I shouldn't have told you we were going home when we left the chiropractor (where, by the way, you broke the blinds), but did you have to sit down in the store every six steps and refuse to budge? Really? Did you really have to? I had to go to the store. I had to buy diapers. Just diapers. If you would have simply cooperated, we could have been in and out in a few minutes. You were all happy at first when we saw those big bags of Tootie Frooties (off-brand Fruit Loops) for A DOLLAR and I let you carry them around. But then I stopped looking at you and starting looking at diapers and all H-E-Double Hockey Sticks broke loose.

But I digress.

Back to why you are mad brilliant. See, I work in a preschool room with a bunch of kids that are a lot like you. And some days it's hard to be patient and energetic when I come home because I've used a lot of those things up already. But lately I've been considering those kids' home lives and life skills, and I'm thinking you are rocking three years old. In proper Muddah fashion, a list:

1. You can use pictures, signs, words, and gestures to tell people when something is not where it's supposed to be or if you need something, like a snack or a blanket. Sometimes it is frustrating, but keep being patient with me and your teachers. We're still learning!

2. You can take your shoes, socks, and pants off all by yourself. Sometimes you have to yell and flail your body around the room first, but you still get it done. Can we maybe rethink throwing your shoes, though? It's kinda scary because you have no aim. (Wouldn't want to hit Muddah.)

3. You can use a fork and a spoon when reminded. Often.

4. You can help set and clear your place setting at the table. I appreciate that you want to help with mine, too, as well as the gallon of milk, but maybe we should wait a few years for that.

4. Say and sign, "I love you." (Ya you!)

5. Shake hands and say, "good morning" at church.

6. Make a choice between two pictures or objects.

7. Occassionally tell me when you need to go potty.

8. Remember when you learned how to answer the question, "What's your name?" And then when you learned how old you were? You'd say, "TWO!" with such confidence and everyone would praise you. But then you turned three, and no matter how hard your teacher and I tried, we just couldn't make you understand the change. And then something happened:

Muddah: How old are you?

Punkin: FOUR!

Muddah: You are three. Punkin is three. How old are you? Three.

Punkin: Th...FOUR ya old!!

(Muddah bangs head on wall.)

9. You can name most of your body parts, some common animals, and a few colors. You have trouble when someone asks you, "What color is this?" but you sometimes say the correct color spontaneously. Likewise, you named a square and a triangle the other morning.

10. Drink out of a regular cup. And dump it on the floor. On purpose. And whine, "Uh oh, Muddah. Thow it! Oh, no!" For the final time, IT IS NOT UH OH WHEN IT IS ON PURPOSE!

11. Find a movie to watch. Even if you dump all of them out on the floor and then choose the one that's already in the dvd player -- you know, the one you watched twice already. It's beyond cute when you turn them over, put a hand on one hip, and "read" the backs.

12. Be the best little Punkin' God meant you to be. I don't need you to be anything or anyone else than what and who you are. KISSES!


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention he says "Hi!" as if he hasn't seen you in a long time; and he says it often. Even during prayers, in church, when it is quiet, because the echo is cool.

Umma said...

Thank you so much for the morning smile, he sounds like just the sweetest boy!

FXSmom said...

I've had those moments with over stimulation/meltdowns or whatever we want to call them at the time we just want to find a big rock and die! What is sad is that more than likely our kiddos won't have babies to torture them like they did us. I'm sending some of my sanity...sorry there's not much left :)

Jennie said...

This is why he is God's best baby.

Kristiem10 said...

Aww, so sweet. I love him! And I can just picture him trying to carry a milk jug, because Blake has been trying that for years, too. He stumbles around like a drunk old man. Just today he lifted TWO gallons from the back of my van to help. Then he sets them at my feet and says, "They you go!" And I am just thanking God he didn't drop them.

Anonymous said...

Punkin is definitely most brilliant!
Aunt Kim

kaylee said...


sounds like my kind of kid :)