Thursday, April 3, 2008

good news ... and blues clues

The neurologists were sooooo nice today! At first there were two of them -- a staff member and a student. They examined him and returned with two more, who joked with the doctor in a totally "that's such a ridiculously funny idea and I can't actually come out and say what it's for" kind of way about the tool that measures boy parts. (There's a special name for it, but I can't remember. ) It's just silly that people are so interested in how big his body parts are. I mean, it's part of the syndrome, but who cares? Punkin certainly doesn't! Anyway, there were four of them -- doctors, not boy parts. Apparently they all wanted to meet him. But who wouldn't? He is pretty darn adorable. And funny. The one guy was cracking up the entire time. Truth is, so was I. Because Punkin LOVES men. And he LOVES attention. And he LOVES hamming it up for professionals and doctors, who are usually males giving him tons of personal attention. He was literally bouncing around the room, dancing, trying to play with their doctor stuff, showing off his belly, and fighting with that PAPER THEY INSIST ON PUTTING ON THE BEDS. The. Bane. Of. My. Existence.

And on to the actual substance of the visit. They listened very politely and they had his file. And they looked up information about FXers and sleeping issues. In the end it was decided that, thank goodness, it is just night terrors. They recommended melatonin every night (rather than just when he is being especially ornery, err, awake) and wished him speed in "growing out" of them.

They must have been learning about FX because they asked me other questions about my family and Punkin's quirks. It is so nice to be asked questions. That's why I want to participate in research studies. Makes me feel like part of the solution (education) to the problem (no one knows about this common disorder).

All in all a good day. And now I think we need to go see Horton Hears A Who because, well, it's Thursday.

Update: Punkin loved being at the movie theater. This time, though, he wanted his own chair. But he had to sit just right because otherwise it would fold up! And he wanted to hold the popcorn and the slushie. At the same time. Needless to say, little boys do not always get their way, though I did release the popcorn into his custody after he proved to me he was a responsible caretaker. We had fun.

Blues Clues. Why? Why did I buy this? It was calling out, "I'm only $5.99! I'm educational! I'm a blue dog! Punkin is imitating Ratatouille -- why not learn about shapes and colors instead?" And in the back of my mind, "You will regret this. You know they got a new guy. Adios, Steve. It's Joe Schmoe and Blue. It's 'We just got a letter ....' for the next four days. You love Ratatouille! You love that he holds his plates like a waiter now! You love that he pretends to smell tomatoes. It's cute!" But in the end, the clearance-priced opportunity won out. And now I am stuck with Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper. Or is it Mrs. Salt and Mr. Pepper? Hmmm. Can you tell who's been washing dishes during this one?


Anonymous said...

Yeah for good days! I'm so glad it went well with the doctors. I saw an Oprah on night terrors the other day and Aunt Kim mentioned she suspected that David was having them. Hopefully the medicine will help.
As for Blues Clues..... better you then me.
Love you tons, Aunt Patty

Jennie said...

Actually, it's DOCTOR Pepper, thank you. He didn't go through twelve years of Pepper medical school to be called MISTER Pepper. HA! Love you!

Kristiem10 said...

I am glad the dr. appointment went well. And I so get you about Joe Schmoe. Steve is way better. And what about little Paprika?

Laura said...

I LOVE THIS POST! It made me laugh out loud three times! I'm so glad the doctors finally paid attention and gave you some reassurance.

Chris's nephew love Little Einsteins, which he calls "Pat-Pats" (not sure why). I find it somewhat mesmerizing myself.

FXSmom said...

Too cool!! I'm glad it went well. FINALLY!! Hope you see results soon :)