Sunday, April 6, 2008

here i come, miriam webster!

Had a fantabulous Sunday. Went to another FX family's house and hung out with them and two other families from nearby. It's so nice to let Punkin be himself and not have to explain his behaviors. Even though all of our kids are very different -- even the siblings -- we have that common thread of understanding. It's much like our blog community, but even better because our kiddos can be friends, too! Punkin played HARD outside. They had a huge fenced-in yard with a playset and balls and golf clubs (FIGHDER!). Way fun. But I ate too much.

And now on a completely different note, I need to take a poll. Does anyone else use the word schmutz? I thought everyone used this. Apparently not. Here is my definition:
Schmutz (SHMUTS) An unknown substance (possibly goobers, drool, food residue) of unknown origin (your kid or when one you miss your mouth while drinking but try to smooth over it like it didn't happen so then you forget and later wonder why your shirt smells like french vanilla bean) which one discovers on ones clothing or other possessions throughout the day. (ie: What is this schmutz on my shirt?)


Kristiem10 said...

That is so great that you got to spend time with other Fragile X people!

And nope, I have never heard that word.

FXSmom said...

Never heard of the word either. But it's like you...unique :).

You are so lucky to get to hang with other FX'ers. Out of the thousands of folks in my locale not a one knows about FXS. It's very sad.

Jen said...

Schmutz....sounds like a useful word, but I've never heard it before.

Umma said...

I use schmutz! We get a lot of it around here with an almost 4 year old, lol. There's always some schmutz on his face, hands or clothes :-)