Wednesday, April 9, 2008

note to self

In college I used to cover my computer screen and desk with sticky notes reminding me about where I needed to be and what I needed to have done each day of the week. Some people thought, "Uh, they sell these things called planners. They have blank boxes under each day of the week for you to write special notes...." Others thought, "Quirky." And still more thought, "An organizational genius!" In the spirit of my post-its, a few notes to myself and others.

Note to self: When you hear "Rip, rip, bang, crash," go immediately to the source. Do not finish washing the dishes before you decide to investigate.

Note to Punkin: Spilled milk is not to be cried over or stepped in.

Note to parents of poor sleepers: Melatonin is the sweet nectar of life. I may be speaking too soon, but I'm just going to enjoy the fact that Punkin has fallen asleep within 10 minutes of being put to bed and slept the entire night for a week straight. And contrary to what the sleep clinic said, he isn't going to bed any later or napping any less. We'll see if it lasts.

Note to self: Do not run out of Mountain Dew.

Note to self: Mountain Dew is bad. Self discipline is very rewarding.

Note to Punkin: No hot dogs for snack at 4pm. No hot dogs for snack at 7pm. If you throw toys in protest, it will not change my mind. You have to eat your dinner. Not hot dogs. Talk to me on Saturday morning when I am too tired to protest.

Note to self: Start making eggs on Saturdays.


Kristiem10 said...

I love this. And Melatonin is the sweet nectar of life. It is some good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Note to sister back when she calls 2 days in a row and you have PC orders to give her!