Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another substitute blogger

Punkin's Oma here.

Erika is still without her computer. The motherboard died. And to make it worse, she has been homebound with Punkin. She had a stomach virus which kept her home one day. When she picked up Punkin yesterday he had a fever. He went to bed early, threw up at 10 PM and slept till 8:30. She doesn't know why, but she took him to the doctor. She didn't notice the rash on his back, but his face was real red. He has strep. I brought them supper; but Punkin wanted none of it. He still has a rash on his face and back with 102 fever. Only wanted muddah and his videos. He didn't take a nap today even though he kept lying on his bed and trying to sleep. Hopefully he'll sleep well tonight.

Erika should be able to post this weekend. Till then, pray that she and Punkin recover soon.


Umma said...

Poor babies! Strep is awful, I hope they're feeling better soon.

Pandora said...

I miss my favorite lambie and her little punkin too. I miss eatting maccaroni and cheese at all hours of the night. I miss only being a short walk away instead of an hour and a half drive, which reminds me when we going to visit each other again? Of course not unitl you and punkin feel better. My peanut had pnemonia a week or so ago and was on a nebulizer but at least no puking, ick!

FXSmom said...

Thanks for the update Oma. I'll be praying for them. Poor things :(