Wednesday, May 7, 2008

a bad day

Writing on behalf of "the other lion":

The computer is dead.

The other lion is sick.

Punkin has a fever of 101.5.

Lots of pictures of punkin's new haircut will have to be posted some other time.

Deciding on whether or not to fix computer or buy new one.

Note to self: Be more careful with laptop computer. Put in high, unreachable place when punkin is unsupervised.

The other lion's scribe is happy to check blog and pass on messages until computer situation is resolved.


SB said...

rest up Lion...
Get well.


Kristiem10 said...

Thanks for the update! Tell Erika to feel better soon! And give Punkin a squeeze from us in blogland.

FXSmom said...

I miss you so much Erika. Take care of you and yours and get better soon. (((hugs)))

Laura said...

I miss you!! Grrr, computer.