Thursday, May 15, 2008

smoke and burn

so i kinda had this problem for a couple weeks where my car wouldn't start the first few times i tried and then it would suddenly start right up. so i decided to ignore it. because, you know, that makes problems go away. so then this morning i pulled up to an intersection, puzzled because the radio kept cutting out. then i noticed the dash was dark. and the car died before i even had it completely stopped. and it smelled funny. oh, that'd be the burning. yucky burnt-plastic smoke billowed out of the hood in all directions and quickly filled the interior. i grabbed my purse, went to unlock punkin's door, of course couldn't and had to reach back to unlock the door from the inside, grabbed shoeless punkin, and prayed nothing would explode or burst into flames. and nothing did.

punkin cried, "da tar! tar! our tar!"

i carried him into a nearby gas station and slipped his shoes on. he was still crying when he spotted a bag, "tottorn? muddah? tottorn?" i bought him the cheesy popcorn. at 6:35a.m.

we headed back outside and called opa.

opa and a random man from the cab of a garbage truck pushed the car into our most trusted repair center a few hundred yards away. since the shop wasn't open yet, he drove us to work/school and drove back to talk to the guys at the shop.

a few hours later, opa called with good news. i mean, relatively. i thought for sure i'd be buying new transportation. turns out that whole thing i kept postponing looking into was my starter. and when you fry your starter, it fries the battery. and then thick gooey gell leaks all over your transmission. and it's stinky. and it creates some smoke. and kills the radio.

$550 and a few hours later, i have my car back. every time i turn the key i think, "will it start?" and of course it does. i think maybe i shouldn't ignore things anymore.

do you see what i see in all of this? the car died at a busy intersection, but on a side road rather than a crazy-busy main street. and this intersection happened to be within walking/pushing distance of a place that sold cheesy popcorn AND our favorite repair shop.

and this is the day opa goes into work late. and i made it to work before the core day started, so it wasn't a big inconvenience to me or anyone else.

and punkin stopped crying because he FINALLY ATE.


Anonymous said...

And you had a berry smoothie and Maggie Moo's ice cream. What a wonderful day.


Kristiem10 said...

Aww, even though you had to get your car repaired, God orchestrated everything to keep you safe. You have wonderful parents, too.

Jennie said...

Ohhhhh, gurrrrrrrllll.....glad you are both okay. Does he like white cheddar? It is my favorite.

Sarah said...

*hugs* sorry about your car, but at least it wasn't super serious and you and punkin are okay! god is good, eh? :)

FXSmom said...

okay...never ignore it again. Though I know on a limited budget it is usually easier to huh.

Umma said...

You just experienced the most convenient inconvenience I've ever heard of! I'm glad it worked out so smoothly.

You know, except for the $550!