Tuesday, May 27, 2008

sneaky skills, mr. punkin

i walk into punkin's classroom. "mom! mom! ma mom!" i love being the reason for his joy.
"hi, punkin!"
he asks, the same way he does every day,"da tar? nack? da tar? nack? otay!"
"yes, okay. we will get a snack and go to the car." i hand him a bag of chex mix from the vending machine. we walk out together and drive to my doctor's office.* we're early and punkin is still eating, so we sit in the car and wait.**
"may i have some please?"
"some? ya. otay. ya. here doh." he holds out a single piece of chex cereal.
"thanks," i reach for it.
"no. no," he rips his hand away.
"can i have some please?"
"no. no. my work," clutching them against his chest.
"punkin! please?"
he takes a bite of the piece of chex. his crumby, chubby fingers maintain a firm grasp on the miniscule remains of the cereal. he shrugs his shoulders, " dall don."
"all gone?! turkey!"

* this is the fourth visit to the doctor in five weeks for the same, radically stubborn sinus infection that has camped out for what (literally) feels like an eternity. tomorrow i start my fourth antibiotic.

**waiting is acceptable if, and only if, snacks and drinks are provided. waiting without snacks ends in lots of kicking and mom questioning whether or not we truly need whatever we are waiting for. we have now switched back to his old carseat with the clips at the chest and between his legs. his new carseat does not facilitate waiting very well. or driving, actually. it's a cool seat -- a booster with a back -- you just pull the regular seatbelt (with shoulder strap) around him to buckle him in. quick and easy. except whe he climbs out of it while we are cruising at 7omph down the highway and gives his mother a heart attack when she looks in the rearview mirror to see him standing behind her seat. someone must know where to buy a harness (or some other fantastic method of restraint). right? one of you knows? i hope.


Andrea said...

Hi Ebear! I just wanted to let you know that we bought a new seat for Rollie it is called the Graco Nautilus. It is super awesome with harness for up to 65 lbs. and converts when he is ready. Wal-Mart has it on their website
Hope you are doing well. I got strep this past weekend and have been miserable. Talk to you soon, hope this helps.

FXSmom said...

Have you tried asking the fxs listserv?? I know in the past that topic has come up and they had some awesome ideas.

Kristiem10 said...

Does he unbuckle it, or squirm out from under the belt?

If he is taking it off, I'd consider getting the Buckle Boss. In fact, I need to order a couple for myself. Well, for Blake, aka-houdini.